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On this episode of the Jersey Beat podcast...


Mikey Erg - Heartbreak No. 53
Venomous Pinks - We Do It Better
Up For Nothing - Escape Route
Human Adult Band - Peace To You Sister,
The Young Rochelles - Interstellar Communication
The Bleeding Hearts - Gone
Permanent Mistakes - 35 Burnout
The Happy Fits - Changes
Spygenius - I Dig Your New Robes, Pierre
Brad Marino - Sad & Lonely Nights
The Royal Podencos - Maybe
The Legendary Swagger - She
Drive-By Truckers - Welcome To Club XIII
James Calleo - Pickles
Jason Didner - This Man's Eyes
Shane Cooley - Stellay Ray
Abbie Gardner - Honky Tonk Song
GRIM DEEDS - Unreliable Narrator
Semantics - Get In The Car
SACK - I Hate Brian Wilson
Screeching Weasel - Any Minute NMow



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On this episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast...

The Happy Fits - Dance Alone
DEHD - Stars
Future Girls - Defeat Repeat
Near Beer - Yelling At A Dog
Grave Danger - Specter Inspector
GRIM DEEDS - Unreliable Narrator
Brad Marino - Another Sad & Lonely Night
The Clams - Crazy Boys
Ben Vaughn - New Jersey Rock N Roll
Deena Shoskes & Chasing Colours - Everybody Knows The Way The Wind Blows
Roy Orbitron - E. Broadway
Joy Cleaner - Easter Tuesday
Super User Friendly - Clouds Part For The Sun
Steve's Theme Park - Rockin' Senorita
Short Fuses - How Much More?
The Handcuffs - Big Fat Mouth Shut
Doc Rotten - 15 Years
The Rieslinger - Palatime Handcuffs
Family Computer - Some Nerve
Permanent Mistakes - 35 Burnout

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The Ergs! - "Ultimate Falsetto Book"
Delay - Friends Band
J Prozac - Won't Let Go
Dentist - Spilled Coffee
Weekend Recovery - No Guts, No Glory
Vic Ruggiero & Kepi Ghoulie - "It Wasn't Me"
Shonda & The Howlers - "Used To Call Me Baby"
Stop Calling Me Frank - "Hard Lovin' Man"
Miss Georgia Peach - "You Blow My Mind"
Ricky Rochelle - "Yeti In The Snow"
Mickey Leigh's Mutated Music - "Standing In The Dark"
My Son The Doctor - "King Of The Zoomers"
GRIM DEEDS - "Strung Me Along"
Bitch - "You're The Man"
Hans Condor - "All Messed Up On Death Metal & Stuff"
The Challenged - "Remain (safe keeping)"
Aeon Station - "Better Love"
David Heatley - "Life Our Own Way"
Doug Hoekstra - "Seaside Town"
Gerry Rosenthal - "In Common"
The Craig Torso Show - "Conflagration Vespers"
The Porchistas - "Keep Your Distance"
Jeffrey Lewis - "I Wanna Be Vaccinated"

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Our guest for this episode is Al Crisafulli, whose Dromedary Records has supported local music in and around New Jersey for almost thirty years. Al's big news is that his radio show Signal To Noise has moved from its longtime home to, where it came be heard every other Tuesday night from 8 to 10 p.m.

Al and I chatted about the radio show, the label, Spotify and indie bands, and even a little politics, so enjoy the broadcast.

On this episode you'll hear:
"Mad-G" - Footstone
"Broken Glass" - Speed The Plough
"Easter Tuesday" - Joy Cleaner
"Over The Far & Hills Away" - Cathedral Ceilings
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My guest for this episode is Dan Schafer, aka Dan Vapid of Screeching Weasel, the Queers, the Riverdales, the Methadones, Noise On Numbers, and most recently, Dan Vapid & The Cheats.  Their 2021 album "Escape Velocity" was one of my favorite punk albums of the year, so in this interview we talk about how and when it was recorded, Dan's approach to songwriting, and we chat about listening to music and life during the pandemic.

This episode of the podcast features four songs from Escape Velocity:
Middle America
The Talk
Runaway Jane
Midnight Blue

You can find Dan Vapid & The Cheats on Facebook, Instagram, and all major streaming platforms.

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It's our annual Christmas podcast, with over an hour of indie, alternative, and punk holiday music. Enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, and thank you for listening.

LCars - Wet Bandit's Lament
Aquadolls - Christmas Wrapping
Chutzpah - Chanukah's The Bomb
Peachcake - What Happens When Santa's Sleigh Gets Lost
Peppermint Kicks - It's A Peppermint Christmas
The Weeklings - A Very Merry Christmas
The Yule Logs - Northpole 457899
Vista Blue - Santa Don't Pass Me By
Bright N Early - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Eye Spy - A Christmas Night
Canon Logic - Kiss Me On Christmas
The Connection - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
Gypsy Moths - Maybe This Christmas
Modesty Blaise - I'll Be Home For Christmas
Yawn Mower - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Two Inch Winky - All I Want For Christmas Is Beer
Winston Rauch - Jersey Christmas
Slow Club - Christmas Baby (Please Come Home)
Shane Cooley - Holidaze
Piney Gir - Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow
Prayer For Animals - Riptide Yuletide
The Sleepy Rebels - California Christmas
Neil Nathan - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Stop Calling Me Frank - Some Kind of Christmas
The Mynabirds - All I Want For Christmas Is Truth
Jim Testa - (It's Another) Covid Christmas


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The Front Bottoms - Voodoo Magic
The Great American Novel - This Will Not Be Our Year
Rockstar Racecar - Created A Monster
Precious Bones - All She Wants
The Happy Fits - Another Try
Dummy - Daffodils
Emperor of Ice Cream - Weather Vane
Dangereens - Streets Of Doom
The Kowalskis - I Love You
Parker Longbough - Fake Sinatra
Namesake - I'm Sick
Hippo Campus - Bad Dream Baby
The dt's - You With Me
Acid Tongue - All Out Of Time
Future Crib - Most Likely Never Going To Die
Hand Drawn Maps - Catch A Wave
Sweet Nobody - Other Humans
Pale Lips - Candy
mazie - I Think I Wanna Be Left Alone
Mr. Goblin - Left Before Your Set

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Jack Skuller - Only Getting Older
The Great American Novel - Grabbin' A Slice
The Clydes - Modern Girl
The Anderson Council - Girl Don't Tell Me
Gregory McLoughlin - Liftoff
Tom Barrett - Some Grow Wings
Vista Blue - Back To The Summer Olympics
Lauren Banjo - Hang In There
The Cheats - Rock N Roll Loveletter
Geoff Palmer - Tomorrow
Lysa Mychols & Super 8 - Don't Worry Baby
Thought Leaders - Jane Doe's Estate
Weekend Recovery - Yeah!
Los Chicos - The Prize
Bite Me Bambi - Our Lips Are Sealed
The Demographic - Descent
Woody & Jeremy - My Old Bassist
Richard Barone & Johnathan Pushkar - I Get Around
Colin Moulding - The Hardest Battle
Future Crib - Most Likely Never Going To Die
John LInnell - Haec Quoque Est Res
Jerry Lehane & Dicky Barrett - Drinking Life

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Rockstar Racecar - Rock N Roll In America
Capitalist Kids - Real Americans
The Credentials - I Killed 22 Iraquis And All I Got Was This Lousy Engineering Degree
The Mr. T Experience - God Bless America
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Drink American
The Stigmatics - American Dream
The Steve Adamyk Band - I Fought For The USA
Rick Barry - Stupid American Song
Cathedral Ceilings - Hamilton Circuits
The '94 Knicks - People You Know And People You May Not Know
Jack Skuller - Anyhow
LCARS - A Song For The Cicadas Of Brood X, 2021 (To You, In 17 Years)
Emergencies - Hurt Somebody
sonofdov - Reviver
aBIRD - Nothing Like Us
Disaster Party - Beige Turns Black
Turnpike Gates - City In Heat
Izzy True - New Fruit
Raincrowd - Can't We All Just Get Along
Nihilocerous - Iamananimal
Acid Tongue - Rock N Roll Revelations

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The Cucumbers - Do It Yourself
Dentist - Let Me Let Go
Last Minet - Don't Hold Back
Lastwaves - Stroke of Luck
Lost In Society - Say Anything
NO ICE - Frequency
Bathroom Of The Future - Watching Bill & Ted Outside
Geoff Palmer - Many More Drugs
Clowns - Does It Matter?
French Girls - Summertime
Beatnik Termites - Pet Shop Girl
American Television - American Jesus
Chelsea Curve - All In Time
Danny Laj & The Works - You & Me
Hard Nips - Alternative Dreamland
Irmans - I Wanna See You
Middle-Aged Queers - Size Queen
Talk Show Host - Warmest Condolences
Tim Foljahn - I Can't Decide
Virginity - Nosferattitude (The Vampire Song)
The Peppermint Sticks - Hey Fanzine!

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Editor Jim Testa interviews Ira Robbins on his new book Music In A Word, a combination anthology and memoir about his life and career as a music journalist.

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Mike Chick - "Pine Lake Park"
Keith Kenny - "Move Along"
Little Hag - "Walk Of Shame"
Darrin Bradbury - "Deanna, Deanna"
Ruby Bones - "Tired Eyes"
Oliver Ignatius - "Debris"
Devon Kay & The Solutions - "Liver"
Brad Marino - "Even The Score"
Hayley & The Crushers - "Kiss Me So I Can"
Hadda Be - Apathy
The Planes - Decoder Ring
Proper Nouns - Situation Done
Direct Hit! - Hollow Comfort
Hey Baby! - Walking Home
Prima Donna - He's A Rebel
IV - "WTW"
Hit Like A Girl - "Boardwalk"
Andy Bilinski - "Do What You Want"
The Shang Hi Los - "Stay"



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Anthony Walker - Stealin'
Andy Bilinski - Do What You Want
Annie Blackman - Why We Met
Luke Faust - Don't Seem Right
Laura Veira - The Panther
GRIM DEEDS - Born To Be Odd
Authority Zero - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free
The Bitty - Kurt Kobain
Chadd Derkins - Save The Whales
Kelly Sullivan - When The Waves Are Low
Rocky Rochelle - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love
Mikey Erg - Amy Left Me For An Emo Guy
Too Much Joy - That's The Way The World Goes Round
Eleventh Dream Day - Yves Klein's Blues
Blanketman - National Trust
Rebreather - Orange Crush
Smallpox - Driver 8
NO ICE - All Night
Songs For Snakes - Her Descent
Talk Show Host - Blood In The Sand
Big Rips - Planet Of Dipshits
Supermutt - Show Them Fangs


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Anthony Walker - Wolves Can Wait
Jon Klages - God Bless The Columbia House Record Club
Lake Street Drive - Being A Woman
Ruby Bones - Don't Lose Your Head
Whiner - Fear
The Challenged - Sleep On It
The Blips - Walking Home
Pale Lips - You're A Doll
The Neighborhood Brats - Who Took The Rain?
Classic Pat - Change Machine
Half Past Two - Mean Green
The Living Pins - Downtown
El No - Move In Twos
Hot Breath - What You're Looking For
The Nuclears - Siamese Connection
Triptides - Let It Go
Dana Why - Raspberries



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Dan McLane - Sad All Over
State Drugs - Rain King
The Challenged - Exposed
J Robbins - Automaticity
Lo Talker - No Champagne
Space Cadet - Bad Luck
Fatrace - Fun Fun Fun
The Right Here - Here We Go Again
Horsegirl - Sea Life Sandwich Boy
Brian Damage - Psycho Horny
Future Selves - The Hell With It
Proper Nouns - Known Unknowns
Carpool Tunnel - Better Now
The Cantenary Wires - Mirror Ball
Clever Girls - Remember Pluto
Ugli - House Pet
Hanalei - Screen Echoes
Too Much Joy - Uncle Watson Wants To Think
Steve Almaas - Goodbye Nicolina
The Rayo Bros. - Love Undead
Stephen Clair - When This Is All Over
Solstice Rey -Mountains
The Fleshtones - Alex Trebek

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Mikey Erg - Hey Marissa
Jennifer Blowdryer - Stole My Camera
Devon Kay & The Solutions - Frustrated People Of The World, Unite
Tiger's Jaw - New Detroit
Arrows To Fire - I'm Supersonic
The Authorities - Just An Excuse
The Cheap Cassettes - See Her In Action
The Clydes - The Fate of California
Har Mar Superstar - Where We Began
The Living Pins - Raven
Zebedee - Marlon Brando
The Camel City Blackouts - Angels
Commons2 - Hands
Bachelor - Anything At All
Palehound - How Long?
The Reds, Pinks & Purples - The Record Player & The Damage Done
Speed The Plough - Soul To Keep
The Vaughns - Bushwick
The Martha's Vineyard Ferries - After You
Mod Fun - I Am With You, Action Tyme, The Bulrushes (Bongos cover,) Titanic


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Jaake Margo - Rudy's Got The Roni
LCars - Town Without Streets
J Prozac - Number One
State Drugs - Beautiful & Broke
To The Helpless - Afraid Of Yourself
NRCSSST - Sinking
Trojan Warfare - Outlaw
Wizard Brain - 4 AM EST
Tri-State - Chapeaux
stillhungry - Best Costume Wins
Big Fang - Mondays
Chiba Neko - Built For Speed
Cold Expectations - Two Blueberries
Art d'Ecco - Head Rush
Amiture - Touch
Distant Voices - Lights Of The City
Aubrey Haddard - Portugese Red
Brett Altman - Holding On To Now
Reilly & Co. - Dirty F'ing Laundry
She's A Guy - I Don't Know
Kowalski's - First Date
The Heartdrops - Lesson Learned


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Mikey Erg - Rumblestrip
Brad Marino - What Do You Know?
Haley & The Crushers - Jacaranda
Dentist - Don't Let Me Catch You
Indonesian Junk - One More Try
FSHG - Love Is All That You Need
Adrian Danon - Romance Is Dead
Blue Vervain - North Carolina
Smallpox - #10 (Under Acme)
Terry McCarthy - Most Sorry
Speed The Plough - Broken Glass
Val Emmich - Massive Headache
Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans - Don't Let Me Catch You
Jordan Krimston - Betty
Leafing - Little Ball
Linnea's Garden - Non-Dramatic Breakup Song
Modesty Blaise - Girls Just Wanna Dance
NRCSSST - Sinkin
Peter Stampfel - Rave On

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Amy Rigby - Four years of u
Blue Vervain - North Carolina
Karen Haglof - Devastation Completed
Jon Caspi - She Is Fine
Val Emmich - Blue State
Jason Didner - Salt & Sand
Beeman & Bannon - Simple Twist of Fate
George Wirth - Jackson Girl
Mickey PG & The Overshare - Cardboard Box
Worm Quartet - Pacman Is 40 & So Are You
Cheekface - Emotional Rent Control
Deathray Davies - Oh Stars
The Gungans - She's Always Looking At Her Phone
Twin Flame - 7:50
Reconciler - Push To Break

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Amanda Rose Riley - Can You Still Remember December?
Devon Kay & The Solutions - A Little Bit
Modern Hut - I Don't Want To Get Adjusted To This World
The Red Shift - Revolution Or Bust!
Concrete City - Lulu Louise
The Gentlemen Rogues - Do The Resurrection!
Drunken Prayer - It's Christmastime
Crush Limbo - All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
The Conte Brothers - Father Christmas
The Pom Poms - Christmas Postcard (Wish You Were Here)
Kevin Devine - Splitting Up Christmas
Anthony D'Amato - Merry Christmas, I Guess
American Culture - For My Animals
Amy Rigby - Dancing With Joey Ramone
Barracuda McMurder - The Thorns Of Life
The Catholic Girls - Night Shift (The NJ Song)
Chris Collins - Imagine
The False Positives - Closed Circuit TV Romance
Cormac Russell - Lotus Train
Goodman - Hey, Santa
Hummer - Whiskey Eyes
Smash Fashion - I Got The HeebeeGeebees at CBGBs
Lookit! Martians - Drunkistan
Jittery Jeff Gammill - Good News (I'm Over You)

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The Ergs - Linus Lucy
The Dollyrots - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Fascinations Grand Chorus - Merry Merry Christmas
Thee Volatiles - Oy Hanukkah!
Jonathan Pushkar - Little St. Nick
Dentist - Mele Kalimaka
Diamond Rugs - Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant
Cait & The Marrow - All I Want For Christmas Is You
The Electric Six - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
The Front Bottoms - Christmas Wrapping
The Brofloskis - Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel
Jagger Holly - It's Christmas Somewhere
Jody Quine - Got My Eye On Santa
Sarah Noelle - Christmas Time Is Here
Ryan Hamilton - To Heck With Ole Santa Claus
Tom Leher - I'm Spending Hanukkah In Santa Monica
The Worm Quartet - A Worm Quartet Christmas
Show With Goats - Rudolph
Ralphie's Red Ryders - I Don't Want Your Tinker Toys
Soraia - Santa Claus
Stop Calling Me Frank - Santa, Buy Me A Beer
Teen Idle - Another Christmas Song
Mac & Tomato - I Don't Wanna See Grandma For Xmas
Chutzpah - Hanukkah's The Bomb
Fairmont - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Jim Testa & Foggy Otis - The Festivus Song

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Editor Jim Testa first chats with Gary Van Miert of  Jersey City's Sensational Country Blues Wonders about his new album, The World Will Break Your Heart.

Then Jim chats with Chip Heuisler, the owner of Tunes Records in Hoboken, which is celebrating it's 25th anniversary. Chip talks about surviving the changing climate of the music industry as well as weathering the pandemic.

And we have some songs for you...
Second Fiddle To A Steel Guitar
I'm Afraid of Every Goddamn Thing
My Baby Stabbed Me With A Steak Knife
by  The Sensational Country Blues Wonders

Record Shop, by Weston

Natives Of The Land, by Tommy Strazza
No Smoking, by Rick Barry
Bonfire Of The Manatees by Cathedral Ceilings
Too Many Groceries by Jeffrey Lewis


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Jersey Beat Podcast #180

Jeffrey Lewis - What A Party We're Gonna Have
Deena - Dance The Night Away
The False Positives - Closed Circuit TV Romance
Grim Deeds - Ignorance Is Bliss
Kurt Baker - I Like Her A Lot
French Girls - No Morals
Laura Jinn - I'm Driving To Target
Mal Blum - Nobody Wants
Ruthless Cosmopolitans - Make America Hate Again
RebUke - Hindsight 2020
Rick Barry - A Sincere Critique of 45
Bad Religion - What Are We Standing For?
Gregory McLoughlin - Boss Tweed
Oliver Ignatius (with Flower Face) - No Way Home
Anna McLellan - Desperate
Arrica Rose - Once In A Lullaby
Readymade Blakeup - My Universe
Kurt Vile (with John Prine) - How Lucky
Karyn Kuhl - I Feel Love



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On this episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast, Editor Jim Testa chats with Larry Livermore, co-founder and former co-owner of Lookout Records, author, and frontman of The Potatomen.

Don Giovanni Records has just released Toytown: Outtakes And Rarities, a collection of demos and other effluvia from the band that Livermore formed with his business partner and good friend Patrick Hayes and, a barely teenaged lad who called himself Tres Cool (whatever happened to him?)

Larry talks about both the Potatomen and the book he's currently working on, as well as some other remembrances and observations.

This episode includes the following songs:
The Mr. T Experience - "God Bless Lawrence Livermore"
The Potatomen - "Empty Inside"
The Potatomen - "Debra Jean"
The Potatomen - "The Day I Said Goodbye"
The Potatomen - "The Drunken Staircase"
The Potatomen - "Toytown"

The Potatomen catalog including Toytown: Outtakes & Rarities is available from

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Jaded Azurites - "Break Up"
The Jersey Beat Podcast Theme Song (by Jack Skuller)
Bob Mould - "American Crisis"
Dawn Oberg - "Mitch McConnell"
The Dirty Knobs - "Lockdown Part II"
Goodman - "Brave New World"
Rachel Lark - "The World's Really Fucked"
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - "Vote The Fucker Out"

Ezra Caspi - "Mice In The Sound Hole"
Daniel Romano - "A Rat Without A Tale"
Blue Vervain - "American"
Emily Li - "Autopilot"
Chaser - "Found Myself Again"
Angora Debs - "B Side"
The Gypsy Moths" - "We Can't Go Home"
Jay Allen & The Arch Criminals - "Grow Some Stones"
Teenage Halloween - "Sweat"
Speed The Plough - "Rush Hour"
Tiphanie Doucet - "You And I"
Sky Furrows - "The Mind Runs A Race & Falls Down"
Direct download: JB178.mp3
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Fairmont - "High Water Mark"
Jay Della Valle - "The Van Song"
Well Wisher - "Halfway Heart"
MOD FUN - "Day After Day"
The Pine Barons - "Sputter"
Nick Rifken - "Disco Girl"
Lunch Box - "Gary Of The Academy"
The Lemon Drop Gang - "Georgie"
The Cocktails - "Nobody's Going To The Movies"
Kurt Baker - "Over You"
dan bryk - "bigger than you"
Blacks Beach Boys - "HGTV In HD"
Bad Wires - "You Call This Lupus?"
Jamie Frey - "Rebel Girl"
The Mortars - "Hoboken"
GRIM DEEDS - "Joe Don't Listen To Judas Priest"
Joy Cleaner - "Nervous Purr"
Lesser Creatures - "Stephanie Jean"
The Campbell Apartment - "Seaside Hts, NJ"

Direct download: JB177.mp3
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The Bouncing Souls - Ghosts On The Boardwalk
The Milwaukees - Burn And Shame
Bloody Your Hands - Checked Out
The Happy Fits - Hold Me Down
Amy Rigby - Here It Is Saturday
Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis - In Spite Of Ourselves
Eels - Baby Let's Make It Real
Harvey Gold - Song For Joanne
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Random Violence
Richard Barone - Streets of New York
Rick Barry - No Smoking
Jeff DeVito - Sycamore
Muck & The Mires - Zoom Breakup
Lost In Society - Police On My Back
Juan Solo 7 - My Place
Teenage Halloween - Holes
Stuyvesant - This Is The End
Amy Rigby & Wreckless Eric - Vote That Fucker Out


Direct download: JB176.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:01pm EDT

Sons Of Butcher - Quaranteen
Logan X - Yours Sincerely
The Lawrence Arms - Ghostwriter
Stuyvesant - Miles On The Shoes
Short-Haired Domestic - A Song In Spanish...
The Yum Yums - Can I Come Over?
Jackie June - Chasing Nightmares
HelloImDylan - Keep You Around
Andre Salvadore & the Von Kings - I Love You (Don't Laugh)
Harvey Gold - In Consideration of Joe Strummer
The Asbury Park Love Contingent - Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)
The Glorybots - Suicide Hotline
Save Face - Pour (Redux)
Billy Walton Band - Cortez The Killer
Commons2 - Candles R Burning
Bozen! - Short Story Long
Dawn Oberg - Mitch McConnell


Direct download: JB175.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:11pm EDT

The Happy Fits - Go Dumb
The Successful Failures - More Of The Same
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Random Violence
The Special Pillow - I Woke Up
Rich Girls - Born To Run
Supermutt - Ain't So Kind
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Springtime In Alaska
Ramblin' Deano & Jon Langford - Quarantine Rock
Petey & The True Mongrel Hearts - Turning Of The Wheel
al Riggs - Alice
David Pollack - Turning Grapes

Brad Marino - At Night
Muck & The Mires - Take Me Back To Planet Earth
Nick Lowe - You Stabbed Me In The Front
Half Past Two - Lyin' Eyes
Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers - This Land Is Your Land
Cheekface - That Thing You Do
The Cry - Everything & Nothing
YOL Bolson - Being Blind


Direct download: JB174.mp3
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The Happy Fits - Go Dumb
The Successful Failures - More Of The Same
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Random Violence
The Special Pillow - I Woke Up
Rich Girls - Born To Run
Supermutt - Ain't So Kind
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Springtime In Alaska
Ramblin' Deano & Jon Langford - Quarantine Rock
Petey & The True Mongrel Hearts - Turning Of The Wheel
al Riggs - Alice
David Pollack - Turning Grapes

Brad Marino - At Night
Muck & The Mires - Take Me Back To Planet Earth
Nick Lowe - You Stabbed Me In The Front
Half Past Two - Lyin' Eyes
Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers - This Land Is Your Land
Cheekface - That Thing You Do
The Cry - Everything & Nothing
YOL Bolson - Being Blind


Direct download: JB174.mp3
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The Front Bottoms - "Camouflage" The Ukulele Sessions
Mikey Erg - Hey Julie (Saving For A Custom Van compilation)
The Milwaukees - No Way Out
The Grahams - Kids Like Us
Rockstar Racecar - Created A Monster
Rick Barry - A Sincere Critique of 45
Odd Robot - Looking For America (Attention! A Black Lives Matter Comp)
Jules Drucker - What To Say About Things Today
Longneck - Campfire (Talk - Action = Zero Compilation)
Matthew Caws - A Call To Young Lawyers (Talk - Action = Zero)
True Love - Sweet Racket (Talk - Action = Zero)
Ali Koehler - Hackensack (Saving For A Custom Van)
Ben Lee & Sarah Silverman - Way Back Into Love (Saving For A Custom Van)
Coriky - Clean Kill
Transistor 21 - The Bombastic Song That Nobody Heard Anyway
Chromeo - Roni Got Me Stressed Out
Color Killer - It's The End Of The World As We Know It
Grim Deeds & Jim Testa - My Friends Are Getting Famous

Direct download: JB173.mp3
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Bouncing Souls - World On Fire
Dirty Knobs - Lockdown
Grim Deeds - Crushing Realization
Grip Weeds - For Pete's Sake (Stay At Home!)

Hammell On Trial - Damn Pandemic
Adrian Danon - The Lonesome One
Amanda Rose Riley - Better
Brian Erickson - An Unfinished Novel
The Next Great American Novelist - Kubler
The Roadside Graves - I Wasted My Life

Lazaris Pit - You Don't Tag Me In Memes Anymore
The Cheap Gunslingers - Record Store
The Berries - Scifi Racer
Marc Platt - Joe Strummer
Juniper - Punk Rock Girl
The Bobby Lees - Blank Generation
Boat - Zombie State Of Mind
High-Waisted - Cereal
Mikey Erg - Sunshine
John Prine - I Remember Everything

Direct download: JB172.mp3
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Eddie Skuller - Trust The Rhythm Track
21 Kings - A Fire Spreads
Murdock & Jack Blerry - Look At Me Now
Cook Thugless - Pink Pilot
Crazy & The Brains - Live Fast, Burn Cash
Wyldlife - Sacre Bleu
The Front Bottoms - Everyone Blooms
Tall Juan - I Like to Stay At Home
D.A. Stern - I Wanna Be Free
Jacob Sunshine - Always On My Mind
Jamie Frey (with Lily Gist) - Back Of A Car
King Ropes - Take Me To The River
Inspector Cluzo - Hey Hey, My My
Eddie Skuller - Helpless
Bloods - Girls Are Just Fucking Cool
Anthrophobia - Ghosts
The Berries - Ancient Steel
L Cars - In Quarantine II
Live Ones - Right On Sister
Gregory McLoughlin, Ross Sandler & Abbe Rivers - First On My Life
FTC - Flatten The Curve

"Flatten The Curve," which benefits the Jubilee Consortium and the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, can be purchased here.

Direct download: JB171.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:46pm EDT

Drive By Truckers - Quarantine Together
Bar Stool Preachers - When The World Ends

GRIM DEEDS - Social Media Distancing
The Challenged - Ken Doll
Nick Cianci - Surrounded By Poets
Jamie Frey - Never Let You Go

Logan X - Settle Down

Homeless Gospel Choir - Blind Faith
Cimafunk - Lean On Me

Mikey Erg - Bon Voyage
Josie Cotton - Run Pussycat
The Brains - Satana Tarantula

Tad Overbaugh & The New Arrivals - Bill Stares At The TV

Fountains of Wayne (w/ Sharon Von Etten) - Hackensack
Val Emmich - Let's Hope That Love's Enough
The False Positives- Good Enough For Rock n Roll

Brad Marino - False Alarm

The Bookends - She's Got It

Fake Names - Brick
Gavin Mendonca - Bad News

Mark Erelli - The Gig At The End of the World

Direct download: JB170.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:45pm EDT

John Feuerbach - Isolation Blues

Jenny O. - I Don't Want To Live Alone Anymore

Sean Barna - God Save The Scene

Randy Newman - Stay Away

Stephen Clair - Welcome To The World Now

Adrian Danon - Ready To Fall

The Dollyrots - Teenage Kicks

Eliza Neals - Don't Judge The Blues

Debra Devi - The Needle & The Damage Done

Deal Casino - Just A Cow (from Songs From Quarantine: A Compilation)

The Galanos - They Take It All Away

The 65's - Never Say Never

Tom Barrett - Pink Moon II - Dandelion Wine

Dan Bryk - Appetite For Discussion

The Happy Fits - Hungry People

Tuff Sunshine - We Seal Every Deal With A Kiss

GirlSkin - Darling

Answering Machine - Bubblegum

Radio Buzzkills - Just One Look

RATBOYS - Everybody Loves The Ramones

The Dirty Truckers - Help Me Anne

GRIM DEEDS - The Hard Way

Direct download: JB169.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:19pm EDT

Grim Deeds - Behind The Mask
Vista Blue - Emmaline Is Quarantined
Crazy & The Brains - I Don't Deliver Pizzas Anymore
Ric Gordon - Y'all Stay Home
Drunken Prayer - Crazy Alone
DADS - Let's Book A Live Jam Tonight
Local H - Patrick Batement
ex-mothers - The Fall
Conway - Juliana, Take Me Home
Answering Machine - Riverdale

From Punk Rock Raduno Comp. Vol 4: Three Chords No Brains

   The Avengers - The American In Me
   The Copyrights - Trustees of Modern Chemistry
   Dan Vapid & The Cheats - I Don't Want To Go To The Party Tonight
   Pansy Division - Coming Clean

The Next Great American Novelist - Baby Duck Song
Reese Van Riper - Electric City
Sonofdov - Battle Lines
Steven Wright-Mark - Just A Dream
Puppy Pile - Wrecked
Papills - Too Hot For May



Direct download: JB168.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:28pm EDT

WYLDLIFE - Automatic
Answering Machines - Cherry Coke
Logan X - Yours Sincerely

Dropkick Murphys - Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding
The Gungans - Punk Rock PhD
The Parasites - No Sleep Tonight

The Fur Coats - I Tumble Down A Deep Ravine
Iceage - Lockdown Blues
Bite Me Bambi - Hot Lava
The Dents - Last Man Standing
Deep Sea Diver - Stop Pretending
Beach Bunny - Ms. California

Stop Calling Me Frank - Habadashery
Watts - Seventeen
Chris Maxwell - Most Of What I Know I Learned From Women
The Wants - Fear My Society
Amy Rigby - One Way Ticket To My Life
Esther Rose - My Favorite Mistake
The Dirty Truckers - Feedback

Direct download: JB167.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:55pm EDT

My guest is Frank Portman, the singer, guitarist, and songwriter of The Mr. T Experience.
On the podcast, Dr. Frank (as he's affectionately known to fans) discusses the decades of
work that went into the new best-of compilation, MTX Forever.  We also talk about Frank's
career as an author of Young Adult fiction, the death of the music industry, his songwriting process, and lots more.

Songs heard on this episode:
I Wrote A Book About Rock N Roll (MTX Forever)
The History Of The Concept Of The Soul (MTX Forever)
With My Looks And Your Brains (Revenge Is Sweet... And So Are You)
Hell Of Dumb (MTX Forever)
High School Is The Penalty For Transgressions Yet Specified (King Dork Approximately: The Album)
London (MTX Forever)

Sounds Radical Records
Dr, Frank's Blog

Direct download: JB166.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:29pm EDT


The Components - Last Caress (digital single)

NO ICE - Dweeb (digital single)

21 Kings - Radio Days (digital single)

The Holy Smokes - Lips Shut Tight

Lowlight - Give It A Minute

The Neverends - Party Boi

The Front Bottoms - Camouflage (digital single)

American Television -Wasteland

The Flatmates - Punk Moth

GRIM DEEDS - Musicians Are The Worst People In The World

The Huntingtons - The Breakup Song

The Prom Dates - Substitute Teacher

Rockstar Racecar - Bloomfield Unlimited

The Hi End - The Way She Moves Me

Nat Freedberg - Play With The Devil

The Warhawks - Deliver

Notches - Room Upstairs

The Livermores - PP Is A Spy

Seattle Stomp - Great Unknown

Victims of Circumstance - Never Have I Ever

The Real Impossibles - All Over The World

Muck & The Mires - Cupid

Rockstar Races - Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robotos

Direct download: jb165.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:13pm EDT

The Skullers - She Denies Herself The Things She Loves
Scoville Unit - Back Of My Mind
Successful Failures - Everywhere She Goes It's Raining
Defecting Grey - Make It Impossible
Dinosaur Stampede - The Enabler
Mal Blum - Things Still Left To Say
She/Her/Hers - Kill The Boy Band
Amanda Rose Riley - Millennials Are Getting Gray
Frieda's Roses - Need To Be Free
Genya Ravan - Don't Go To The Bathroom
Sex Hogs II - Forever
Leland Sundries - Food Court Blues
Shayfer James - New York Doesn't Remind Me Of You
Wyuldlife - Neon Nightmare
Big Cheese - Golden
Brat Curse - Sweat Pants Lawyer
Grim Deeds - Past Your Prime
Philly Boy Roy - Punk Rock Girl
Mickey PG - White Guy Playing Guitar
GRLwood - I Hate My Mom
Rick Barry - Signing Off

Direct download: jb164.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:55am EDT

A summertime playlist from Jersey Beat HQ



The Dogmatics - Summertime
The Dollyrots - Animal
Cromm Fallon - East Bay
Joy Cleaner - Easter Tuesday
Kepi Ghoulie - Four Eyes
The Pinheads - Feel It Now
Johnathan Pushkar - The Girl Next Door
Geoff Palmer - All The Hits
The Defending Champions - Flow-Nace
Ten Foot Pole - Everything Dies
Scary Hours - The Real Disease
Positive No - Teenage Waistline
The Great American Novel - Perpetual Emotion Machine
The Next Great American Novelist - American Queen
Cheap Gunslingers - Junky Friends
The Copyrights - Are You Passionate?
Karyn Kuhl Band - Hey Kid
The Last Bees - Saturday
Mikey Erg - Careless Or Cruel?

Direct download: JB163.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:57pm EDT

Direct download: JB162.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:31pm EDT

Geoff Palmer - This One's Gonna Be Hot

Brad Marino - What Comes Naturally

Fat Chance - Quit Bitchin'

Tuffy - Everybody's Ex-Girlfriend

Pboneboy- Acid Girl

Bouncing Souls - Crucial Moments

Mean Jeans - Hot Pockets

The Murderburgers - Turning 30 Was An Eye Opener

Teenage Bottlerocket - Stupid Song

Urban Outfielders - The Wizard of Japan

The Suck - You're Dead

Karen Haglof - Tobiano Twirl

R. Stevie Moore - Pop Music

Jeff Whalen - Goofing Around

Devo Spice - Gravity Is Stupid

Johnny Kosmo - Come Down To Get Down

Mykel Board & Clean Boys - Havin' Your Baby

The Weeklings - Friday On My Mind

Direct download: JB161.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:14pm EDT

John and Toni Baumgartnet, Ed Seifer, Jon Fried, Deena Shoshkes, and Matthew Davis are the Campfire Flies, a group of veteran NJ musicians who came together to make rustic acoustic music drawing from their many strengths.  We discuss their formation, their music, and their debut album, Sparks Like Little Stars.

Direct download: JB_160.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:11pm EDT

Deafening Colors - "Crash Course"
Cold Weather Company - "Pocket"
Sean Kiely - "Walter (Or The Wheel)"
Kate Jacobs - "Every Single Time I Think Of You"
Elevator Pitch - "Magnetism"
Ezra Caspi - "Say Whatever"
Lanier - "Tied (Ever My Eyes' Lover)"
Dan Francia - "Planet In Transit"
Peter Stampfel & The Atomic Meta-Pagans - "It Might As Well Be Spring"
Bob Mould - "Camp Sunshine"
The Wag - "We Carry On"
William B. Simpson - "Feeling Better"
Shayfer James - "Day of Reckoning"
Cyclone Static - "Company Man"
The Carvels NYC - "Scarcity"
Smoke & Mirror Routine - "Millionaire's Son"
The Planes - "Now Hiring"
Grim Deeds - "Rock N Roll Will Die"

Direct download: JB159.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:22pm EDT

In this episode, I interview Kate Jacobs - singer/songwriter, co-owner of Little City Books in Hoboken, part of the Radio Free Song Club collective, and mom. We discuss all her roles and especially her new album, Second Day Cake, her first release since 2011's Home Game.

On the podcast, you'll hear the following tracks by Kate:

"St. Mark's Bar, 1984," "Slow Dancing To Aqualung," "Slacker Mom Summer Song" from Second Day Cake
"Jesus Has Been Drinking" and "$55 Motel" from Home Game.
"The Heart Of The Matter" (with Dave Schramm) from the "A Sister" EP

Direct download: JB158.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:50pm EDT


Rockstar Racecar - The Real Housewives of Pyong Yang
Character Actor - 72 Paperbacks
The LLC - I Don't Give A Butt
The Components - Il Bandito
21 Kings - Photographs
Sunshine & The Rain - It's All In Your Mind
Sailor Boyfriend - Do You Like Sonic Youth?
Turnpike Gates - Hiding In Plain Sight
Well Wisher - Believe
The Porchistas - The Abe Vigoda Polka
Elevator Pitch - Eric
The Happy Fits - Hungry People
The Rock n Roll Hi-Fives - C'est La Vie
Forget The Whale - Halfway Home
Hit Like A Girl - Forget That You Have Me
Val Emmich - Cave
Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help - Yellowed Pages

Direct download: JB157.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:29pm EDT

Antietam - I'm So Tired, Intimations of Immortality

Lemuria - Best Extra,  Generational Hate

Downtown Boys - I Can't Wait, Cost Of Living

Jigsaw Youth, Hawaii's Nice This Time of Year, America's Sweethearts

RIPS, Damaged, RIPS

Black Wail, Chromium Homes, "Chromium Homes" EP

The Mr. T Experience - Cynthia With An "I", King Dork Approximately

Potato Rocket, Fucked Up Generation, Grown Ass Adults

Grim Deeds,  White Power Picnic (single)

The Moms, Good Job, Doing Asbestos We Can

Teenage Bottlerocket, Gay Parade, Stealing The Covers

The Front Bottoms, Peace Sign, Going Grey

The Capitalist Kids,  Cognitive Dissonance, Brand Damage

Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help, Pony Express, self-titled

The Feelies, Turn Back Time, In Between

Damfino, American Healthcare, One False Move And I'm Yours

Atom Driver, Play Dead, "In The West" EP

Fred Schneider & The Superions, Strip Search, The Vertical Mind

New Age Healers, He Took A Bullet To Heaven, Where The Tragic Happens

Peter Stampfel & The Atomic Meta-Pagans, Blue Moon, The Cambrian Era

The Vice Rags, Jersey Boy, "The Vice Rags" EP

Ted Leo, Run To The City, The Hanged Man

Wyldlife, Teenage Heart, Out On Your Block

Sunshine & The Rain, Come On Baby, In The Darkness Of My Night

Overlake, Unnamed November, Fall

The Skullers, Pressure Face, "Meet The Skullers" EP

YJY, Somebody Take My Phone, The Enduring YJY

The Harmonica Lewinskies, Remember Monica, Bring Back Bush

NO ICE,  We Get High Together, C'mon Feel The NO ICE

Direct download: JB156.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:25pm EDT

Tris McCall - Sybarite
Mr. Flannery & His Feelings - Hymn Of The Isolated Artist
My Teenage Stride - Living In The Straight World
Los Campesinos! - Sad Suppers
Sunshine & The Rain - Little Rag Doll
Shanda & The Howlers - Keep Telling Me
Hiccup - Lady MacBeth & Miss Havisham
Jigsaw Youth - But You're Not Dave Grohl
GRIM DEEDS - Human Waste
Downtown Boys - A Wall
Best Ex - Girlfriend
Ratboys - Elvis Is In The Freezer
Robot Bacheler - Today The World, Tomorrow Your Love
The Skullers - Can We Do That Again?
Wire - Diamonds In Cups
Rips - Damaged
NVRS LVRS - Primer Impacto
Overlake - You Don't Know Everything
Ubetcha - Obviously I Shouldn't Be Doing This
Fairmont - NYC

Direct download: JB155.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:36pm EDT

Our special guest is lo-fi legend R. Stevie Moore, who talks about his new album with Jason Falkner, Make It Be, as well as his long career, his philosophy of music, and his mind-boggling back catalog, which includes hundreds of releases available for download at

On this episode, you'll hear...

Stamps and  I H8 Ppl  from Make It Be
Chantilly Lace from Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About RSM Vol.1
Academy Fight Song from The Future Is Worst Than The Past
Album Drop and If You See Kay/Run For Your Lives! from Make It Be
California Rhythm from Phonography
Fuckin' Idiots Everywhere from Unpopular Singer, Vol 1 & 2

Direct download: JB154.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:08pm EDT

Goodman - "Modern Girl"
Adam & The Plants - "Sideman"
Cheap Cassettes - "Wreckless"
Wyldlife - "Bandita"
The Connection - "Other Guys' Girls"
Kurt Baker Combo - "Upside Down"
Brook Pridemore - "Occupation Blues"
Gay Elvis - "What About Now"
GhostKing - "Melting Sky"
Atom Driver - "Hate Me Now"
The Anderson Council - "I Never Feel"
Dentist - "You're A Bore"
Ambien Blackout -"Elliot Smith On A Gluetrap"
Mr. Elevator & Brain Hotel - "When The Morning
    Greets You With A Smile"
Not A Part Of It - "It's Been A Crazy Week
Peter Holsapple - "Don't Mention The War"
The Porchistas - "Mr. Chump"
Jim Testa - "Random Violence"
The Ergs! - "September/October"

Direct download: JB153.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:07pm EDT

Wyldlife - Contraband
Magic Mountain - Both Suns
Max Kagan - Ghosts
Freak Baby Daddies - Hot Sauce
Dan McLane - Mr. Dirty
No Shoes - Lizzie's Sandbox
Peter Searcy - Better Lie
Mr. Elevator - Are You Hypnotized
Tony Low - Do The Mikey
Sound & Shape - I'll Still Reach That X
Animal Masks - Used By The Universe

Atom Driver - Life Tearing In
The Challenged - Hypoxia
Get The Net  - Witch In My Basement
The Catholic Girls - Somebody Better Get A Room
The Anderson Council - I Never Feel
Lilah Larson - Father Daughter Ghost
Elena & Boo - Jesus Was A Liberal
Damfino - Saddest Song You'll Never Hear
pronoun - a million other things
Peter Stampfel - Cold Black Sea

Direct download: JB152.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:42pm EDT

Jersey Beat Podcast #151: Happy Holidays

Prayer For Animals - Riptide Yuletide
Yawn Mower - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
The Connection - Merry Christmas Baby (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)

The Front Bottoms - ChristmasWrapping
Diamond Rugs - Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant
John Prine - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Tom Lehrer - I'm Spending Hanukkah In Santa Monica

Mac & Tomato - I Don't Wanna See Grandma This Christmas
Winston Rauch - Jersey Christmas
Anna Vogelzang - Christmas Baby (Please Come Home)
The Brofloskis - Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel
Ethan Lipton - Gift Basket
The Boy Least Likely - Christmas Isn't Christmas
The Dollyrots - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Dream Diary - Christmas All Over
The Yule Logs -Northpole 45789

Piney Gir - Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow
Phofo - Light That Menorah
The Mynabirds - All I Want  Is Truth For Christmas
The Gripweeds - Christmas Bring Us

Canon Logic  - Kiss Me On Christmas
Musket - Christmas Blow
Chutzpah - Hanukkah's The Bomb
Neil Nathan - SantaClaus Is Coming To Town

Scott Miller - Joyful, Joyful
The Electric Six - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Dig That Crazy Santa Claus
The Kinks - Father Christmas
Brian Cullman - New Year's Eve
Ghostpal - A Christmas Gift For You

Direct download: JB151.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:57pm EDT

On this episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast, editor Jim Testa shares some of his favorite new music from the tail end of 2016.

Kevin Devine - No History
Lilah Larson - Father Daughter Ghost
Manchez - War Is All Over
Ex-Mothers - Neon Drones
Rick Barry - Humming Bird Song
Richard Barone - Learning The Game
Peter Stampfel & The Brooklyn & Lower Manhattan Fiddle/Mandolin Swarm -
    New Johnnie Get Your Gun
Pinegrove - Visiting
Darren Deicide - Boom Power Boogie
The Paranoid Style - Daniel In The Basement
Tuffy - Walter Says To Use A Hammer
Risk Relay - My Weight Disappearing
Active Bird Community - Newbie
Tri-State - Start Again
TV Sound - Klaus Kinski
Grim Deeds - Savage Remains
The Rock N Roll Hi-Fives - (You Got Me) Tongue-Tied

Direct download: JB150.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:11pm EDT

Our guest on this episode is Rookie Rochelle, bassist of Long Island's The Young Rochelles, who talks about the enduring influence of the Ramones, pop-punk, and the Long Island punk scene.

We also play the following tracks from The Young Rochelles:

"Not Any Use"
"Stay-At-Home Man"
"Cannibal Island"
"I Need My Mommy To Do My Laundry"
"Psycho Therapy"

For more information, visit the Young Rochelles on Facebook or at

Direct download: JB149.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:44pm EDT

Jersey Beat Podcast #148

Our guest for this episode is Mark Segal of Atom Driver, a New Brunswick supergroup of sorts featuring Mike Polilli (Buzzkill,) Jay Ingstrup (Doc Hopper, Break Evens,) and Mark, who is best known for his tenure in Boss Jim Gettys.

Mark talks about his new band and discusses the New Brunswick music scene of the Nineties.  We also present three demos from Atom Driver as well as a playlist from the Golden Age of the New Brunswick scene, with tracks from Boss Jim Gettys, Bionic Rhoda, Buzzkill, bobfields, Aviso'Hara, Prosolar Mechanics, Love Gas, and the Milwaukees.

Atom Driver will be a guest on WFMU's Overnight Sensations program on Friday, October 28 at midnight.

Direct download: JB148.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:58pm EDT

The Romantic Comedy - The Thirst
Damfino - If You Want Me
YJY - Through Being Hip
Stuyvesant - Waiting To Be Cool Again
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Have A Heart
The Mr. T Experience - King Dork Approximately
Four Lights - Death To False Posi
The '94 Knicks - Don't Worry
Beach Slang - Spin The Dial
Jacuzzi Boys - Boys Like Blood
The Moms - Road Soda
Phonoscenes - Don't Think Too Much
Kandel - Judy
The Hood Cat - East River Jive
Light Years - Atlantic City
Shilpa Ray - When Doves Cry
The Growlers - City Club
Bullet Proof Lovers - It'll Be Alright
Poor Lily - Penknife
Lowlight - Lines In The Road

Direct download: JB147.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:39am EDT


On this episode of the podcast, editor Jim Testa chats with Chris Freeman of Pansy Division about the gay punk band's remarkable 25th anniversary, their new album "Quite Contrary," and the band's legacy in the gay community and beyond.

Pansy Division will be at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn on Saturday, Sept. 24



Direct download: JB146.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:35pm EDT

On the latest JB podcast, we chat with Val Emmich, a veteran NJ musician who's just released  Whatever's Chasing You.  Val also talks about his career as an actor, including his recurring role on HBO's controversial "Vinyl," and he also tells us a bit about his forthcoming debut novel.

This episode features the following Val Emmich tracks:

I Want To Hang Out
Bedtime Regrets
Nobody Makes It On Their Own
Absolutely Still
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You You
Change Of Scenery
Privacy Attracts A Crowd

Direct download: JB145.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:36pm EDT

Glueboy - Foot Soldier
'94 Knicks - Marky's Dilemma
Big Cheese - Crack Yr Whip

NO ICE - We Get High Together
Bouncing Souls - Up To Us
The Hellstroms - I Hate Your Mom
Grim Deeds - Audrey Has Autism
The Fleshtones - Rick Wakeman's Cape
NOFX - Six Years On Dope
Masked Intruders - Running From The Cops
YJY - Summer Lifeguard
The Paranoid Style - The Ambassador's Morning Lift

Sophe Lux & The Mystic - Love Is Waiting
LADY - Realize
Eros & The Eschaton - Center Of The World
Val Emmich - Nobody Makes It On Their Own

Direct download: JB144.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:43pm EDT

Jim Testa's guest on JB Podcast #143 is Peter Horvath, lead singer and guitarist of New Brunswick's Anderson Council, a psychedelic pop band that's just released a primer of old and new tracks entitled Assorted Colours (on the reborn Jem Records.)

On the podcast, you'll hear the following tracks from Assorted Colours:

Pinkerton's Assorted Colours
Never Stop Being '67
Girl On The Northern Life
Love Bomb
Fire Island
Hole In The Sky



and from Greyhouse' s Dives To The Deep End on Zimba Records,

Johnny's Temple



Direct download: JB143.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:54pm EDT

On this episode of the Jersey Beat podcast, editor Jim Testa interviews Joe Galarraga from the Brookly band BIG UPS.

Direct download: JB141.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:51pm EDT

Jersey Beat Podcast #142

Bouncing Souls - Up To Us
The Antidon'ts - Optimistic Loser
The Hannas - The Bend
Free Pizza - Juliet
The Backseat Angels - Pick Up The Phone
P@tomic & The Bomb! - No Time To Waste
GRIM DEEDS - Shot Dead By Police
J.T. Makoviecki - Little Bit of Sunlight
Eleandor Friedberger - Scene From Bensonhurst

Keepin' The Family - Coastline
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Funny The First Time
The Porchistas - Ebolabama
The Harmonica Lewinskies - Flowers Will Bloom
C.R. & The Degenerates - Pink Slippin'
Cool Ghouls - Just Like Me
Evan O'Donnell - Now I Wanna Sound Like Chrissie Hynde
Hit Bargain - The Circuits That Cannot Be Cut
The Maytags - Business Trip
Mikey Erg - Song For New Britain

Direct download: JB142.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:21pm EDT

The Everymen - Bridge & Tunnel Love
Kandel - Ordinary Time
Mikey Erg - Boys And Girls And Tentative Decisions
Martha - Chekhov's Hangnail
Karyn Kuhl Band - Not LIke That
GRIM DEEDS - I'm Moving To Kepiland
Connections - 4 Kate & Everyone Else
The Queers - Hawaii
The Phantoms - The Ballad Of Overend Watts
The Right Here - Judge Me When I'm Sober

The Cucumbers - Don't Watch TV
The Backseat Angels - Pick Up The Phone
Broom Vs The Combine - Less Than
Active Bird Community - Longport
Lisa Prank - Baby Let Me Write Yr Lines
Tall Juan - Not Enough
Watts - Bring On The Lights
The Vaughns - What's Cooking
Johnny Angel Wendell - New York Dolls

Direct download: JB140.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:32pm EDT

Our guest is Mikey Erg, former singer/guitarist for The Ergs!, whose debut solo album "Tentative Decisions"will be released in June on Don Giovanni Records.

We talk to Mikey about writing and recording the nealbum, touring, his Ergs legacy, and lots more.  Plus we play the following tunes:

Books About Miles Davis - The Ergs!
Songs Against Ian Raymond - Mikey Erg
Key Of C, Fix It, Fix It, Stop - Mikey Erg
Obligatory Song About Killing One's Boyfriend- The Ergs!
You've Never Heard 'My Aim Is True' - Mikey Erg
Comme Si About Me - Mike Erg(from Tentative Decisions)



Direct download: JB139.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:48pm EDT



Jersey Beat's Jim Testa interviews Jamie Frey, the lead singer and main songwriter of Brooklyn's

On this episode, you'll hear:

NO ICE - Metropolitan Avenue
The Brooklyn What - Blowin' UP
NO ICE - We Get High Together
NO ICE - The Cemetery
NO ICE - Castlebraid

Direct download: JB138.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:04pm EDT

Jerset Beat Podcast #137: The Almost 10th Anniversary Episode

We're almost ready to celebrate the JB Podcast's tenth anniversary but first here's an hour of music to keep you busy.  Come back next time for a GREAT interview with an artist that our listeners will know and love.

Diarrhea Planet - Life Pass
Bay Kee - Shady Birds
Evan O'Donnell - Buster On The Granite Highway
Art Brut - The Replacements
Savages - Evil
Doctor Barber- Pictures Of Your Pets
New Age Healers - I Want More
JT Makoviecki - If You Just Hold On, Poor Boy
Diplopia - Adeline
Lloyd & The Impressions - Sunny Day
Petra Haden - Armenia In The Sky
Yo La Tengo - The Summer
Big Figment - Cut Knuckle
The Forty Nineteens - I Walked With A Zombie
The Gotobeds - Real Math/Too Much
The Goo Goo Dolls - Never Take The Place Of Your Man

Direct download: JB137.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:39pm EDT

Grim Deeds - Child of the Millennium
Adult Books - Casual Wrecks
Bent Shapes - 86'd In '03
Robert Pollard - My Daughter, Yes She Knows
Sink Tapes - J For Jazzy
The Other Stars - You Looked Better At The Party
Karen Haglof - Cowgirl Clothes
Karyn Kuhl - It Was A Very Good YearBitterheart - Someone Told Me
The Bordello - Chocolate, My New Rock N Roll
Diplopia - Hoboken
Mean Jeans - Now I Wanna Be Yr Dog
Ray Rockett - Pet Semetary
The Dudikoffs - Burrito Party
Can't Swim - Way It Was
Fucko - Submarine
ROMP - Departure From Venue
NO ICE - Castlebraid
The Maravines - Tie Retie
Toot Sweet - Dilettante
The Wrens - Pretty OK
Soul Asylum - Supersonic


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On this episode of the Jersey Beat podcast, our friends Jack Fitzimmons (Netflix With Fitz podcast) and Chris Fabulous (Weekend Quality podcast) take over as guest hosts and interview their special guest....  Jim Testa!   They talk about JIm's new EP "American Spirits & Artisanal Cheese" and throw in a good old-fashioned Philly punk playlist for one of our most entertaining episodes in a long time!

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On this episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast, editor and host Jim Testa serves up some new tracks he's been enjoying as well as one golden oldie.

Grim Deeds - My Real Doll
Giant Peach - Fight
Mono In Stereo - Long For Yesterday
Golden Bloom - Books You Never Read
Phonoscenes - Drive
The Maravines - Olive Garden
Sons Of An Illustrious Father - ppm
M. Ward - I'm Going Higher
Bay Kee - Shady Birds
Jim Testa - Here's To The State of NJ
Out of System Transfer - I Shot President McKinley
The Maxies - I'm Punk
Teen Death - Dark Life
The Wrens - Pretty OK
Furnsss - #12 Looks Just Like You
ManDancing - Broken

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Rick Moody, acclaimed author of  Garden State, The Ice Storm, and many other novels and short stories, recently published his latest novel Hotels Of North America. Rick talks about the new novel, his life as a writer, and his passion for music as both a fan of bands like the Feelies and Yo La Tengo, and as a recording artist and performer.

On this episode:
The Feelies - It's Only Life
Wingdale Community Singers - Learned Astronomer
Yo La Tengo - Hearts Expired
Yo La Tengo - The Summer

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On this episode we talk to Lazlo of about why his Internet radio station will be signing off on January 31, and how he plans to continue broadcasting on other platforms to keep BlowupRadio's mission of supporting New Jersey music alive.

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Happy Holidays From the Jersey Beat Podcast!

A Christmas Gift For You - Ghost Pal
Have Yourself A Merry Secular Christmas - Connor Ratliff & Mikey Erg
The Festivus Song - Jim Testa & John Raido
Splittin' Up Christmas - Kevin Devine
Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant - Diamond Rugs
Frosty The Snowman - Danny Adlerman, Yosi Levin, Kevin Kammaral
Run Run Rudolph - Jack Skuller
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Janet Devlin
The Front Bottoms - ChristmasWrapping
John Prine - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Electric Six - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
The Lawn Darts- Do They Know It's Christmas (Feed The World)
The Rein Deers - Christmas Brings Me Down
Six To One Mathematics - Silent Night
Peter Stampfel - Pagan Jewish Christmas Tree
Dan McLane - I Spent Christmas
Anna Vogelzang - Christmas Baby, Please Come Home
Deena - Light Shines Through
Geno & The Juke Box - Secret Santa
Deep Sea Diver - It's Christmas (and I'm still alive)
Peachcake - What Happens When Santa's Sleigh Gets Lost?
Mac & Tomato - I Don't Wanna See Grandma This Christmas
Bitterheart - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

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Jersey Beat Podcast #129: An Interview with Stringer

To help celebrate the release of Stringer's debut EP "Dead Ass,"  we sat down with Max Kagan, Mark Fletcher, and drummer John Seymour to talk about the band, their decision to change the name from Heeney, and the good and bad of Brooklyn's music scene.


On this podcast:

Striinger - "Dead Ass" EP
"Dirty Room"
"Wanting Less"
"Fear of Death"
"Just Like You"
"Fear of Death"

Huffers - "Pulled Pork"
Lidia Stone - "Sick Of Words" (live)



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The enigmatic pop punk rocker Grim Deeds is our guest on this episode of the podcast.


King Of Queers
Being Fat Mike
Weasel Acres
Ballad Of The Opening Band
We're All A Little Racist
I Don't Care About Your Kids
I'm An Atheist

All of Grim Deeds' music is available for free download at

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Teenage Bottlerocket - Bloodbath At Burger King

The Connection - Labor of Love

Kurt Baker - Send Me To Mars

Shellshag - Baby's Arms

Tin Armor - Strange & Estranging

The Unlovables -Miracle Braves

Mono In Stereo - Late Night Confessor

Fiction Plane - Where Do We Go From Here?

Ezra Furman - Wobbly

Laura Stevenson - Torch Song

Spiders - Why Don't You?

Chris Stamey - Universe Sized Arms

The dB's - Before We Were Born

Bitterheart - I Can't Stop

Teenage Bottlerocket - Radio

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Jersey Beat Podcast #125:  Craig Finn  (And New Music)

Jim Testa interviews the Hold Steady's Craig Finn about his new solo album "FAith In The Future."  Craig also talks about going out to see bands in Brooklyn and gives some advice to young musicians.

Then we check out some new music that we love at Jersey Beat:

The Campbell Apartment - "Seaside Hts NJ"
Bitterheart - "Know It All"
Mal Blum - "Robert Frost"
Kinky Friedman - "Wild Man From Borneo"
Roadside Graves - "Gospel Radio"
The Unlovables - "1996"
Pwr Bttm - "1994"
Tin Armor - "1 Million Shitlists"
Yo La Tengo - "Friday I'm In Love"
Man Named Pearl - "Atlas"

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On this episode, Jim Testa chats with lead singer/guitaristz

Brian Sella of The Front Bottoms about the group's major

label debut Back On Top, and how the band is adopting to z

life in the fast lane.

On This Podcast:

"Maps," from The Front Bottoms
"Motorcycle," from Back On Top
"Jim Bogart," from Brothers Can't Be Friends
"Skeleton," from Talon Of The Hawk
"The Beers," from The Front Bottoms



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Goodman - Strange Hold
Hong Kong Graffiti - Red
The Deafening Colors - Parkway South
The Paper Jets - Elizabeth Distressed
Lady - Chuta
The Planes - Keep You Safe
The Benjees - Hollywood
Bloody Your Hands! - Boys & Girls
The Clydes - Stay Away From The Doorman
Mini-Boone - I Don't Wanna Send An Email
Static Radio NJ - Worlds On Heroin
Doziac - Brick Wall
Tris McCall & The New Jack Trippers - An Ass of U And Me
Dirty Fences - Deep In Your Heart
Fox & the Law - Bad Motivator
Lost Boy? - Chew
Leaf Pile - When I'm Dead
The Front Bottoms - Cough It Out


Please visit and download "Oh Hilary" for $2 or more to support this podcast.

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Jersey Beat Podcast #121:  An Interview with Jon Fine

Jim Testa talks to musician, writer, and author Jon Fine about his rock n roll memoir Your Band Sucks.   We also play a few songs from some of Jon's bands as well as contemporaries that he interviews in the book

Bitch Magnet - Ducks Or Drakes
Bitch Magnet - Joan Of ArcSquirrel Bait - Kid Dynamite
Coptic Light - Arson Guy
Poster Children - Zero Stars
Black Flag - TV Party
Bitch Magnet - Americruiser

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Jersey Beat Podcast #120:  An interview with Justin Angelo Morey

Justin Angelo Morey - now performing as Sunshine & The Rain with his wife, Ashley -  talks about his new band Sunshine & The Rain, growing up in punk rock, and his hometown of Jersey City.  Justin was the bassist in the great Rye Coalition and frontman of the psychedelic Black Hollies. 

We also play a track each from Sunshine & The Rain, the Black Hollies, and Rye Coalition.

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Jersey Beat Podcast #119:

This episode of the JB Podcast showcases a slew of new indie rock plus a few old favorites.

The Graveyard Kids - "Bought & Sold"
Bitterheart - "Can't Stop"
The Front Bottoms - "Wolf Man"
Joanna Gruesome - "There Is No Function Stacy"
Hiccup - "Whatev, It's Cool"
Wyldlife - "(It's Called) Rock N Roll"
Holy City Zoo - "Poor Little Pinkus"
The Flashing Astonishers - "Insignificant Others"
Miniboone - "Any Other City"
Short Attention - "Jim's In Love With Rachael Ray"
The Fleshtones - "Destination Greenpoint"
The Kyle Sowashes - "Lemons"
Adam & The Plants - "Cheating To Win"
Dirty Fences - "High School Rip"
Dutch Boys - "HWY"
Our First Brains - "open-ended unrequited love"
The Insect Trust - "Hoboken Saturday Night"
Bone & Marrow - "Eye Contact"

Direct download: JB119.mp3
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The Harmonica Lewinskies - Papa's Got A Brand New Man
The Gripweeds - Rise UP

The Smithereens - It Don't Come Easy
The Corner Laughers - Fairytale Tourist

Triumph Of The Wild - California To The Cross
Turbo Fruits - Show Me Something Real
Worm Quartet - Fueled By Angst
Grounders - Bloor Street and Pressure
Kurt Baker Combo - Love Potion #9

The Catholic Girls - Down At The Shore
Terrell Atrophy & The Holy Savior Club - Girl

Tuffy - Ice Cream Trucks
Sinkhole - Wreck On The Highway
The A.G.'s - Jesse's Girl
Teenage Bottlerocket - Too Much LaCollina
Thomas Wesley Stern - Talk Is Cheap

Weird & Wonderful Words - Bobsy-Die

The Sharp Things - Everything Breaks
Sound Advice - it's the fun song!


Theme song:  "Raft Of The Medusa" by The Graveyard Kids


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Listen to The Best Show at

You can purchase the deluxe box set of The Best of the Best Show here.


Music on this program:
Bones Howell - "Maya Angelou"  from Bones Howell
Carter Prince - "Hopeless Unromantic"  from "Electric Love"
Sink Tapes - "Home's A Chore" from Plastic Love
Tris McCall - "Robert Menendez, Basta Ya!"  from Shootout At The Sugar Factory


and "The Best Theme From The Best Show" by Themeweavers LLC

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Jersey Beat Podcast 116

The Lookouts - "California/Mendocino"   Spy Rock Road (And Other Stories)
Crazy & The Brains - "I'm Rich"    Good Lord

Honah Lee - "Sobered, So Bored" "33 On 45" EP
Tuffy - "Now Now"  "Don't Chase EP"

Less Than Jake - "American Idle" (single)
Dentist - "I Do It Cause I Wanna" Vinyl Heart
Heeney - "Brooklyn Pop" (single)
Big Cheese - "Watch TV) (single)
Goodwolf - "Desperately 21"  Car In The Woods
Turbo Fruits - "Favorite Girl" No Control
Hot Love - "Get Back Down" (single)
The Grizzled Mighty - "For The Sake Of It All"  Closed Knuckle Jaw
Life Eaters - "Government Kicks"   Life Eaters
Made Violent - "Two Tone Hair" "Made Violent EP"
Jesse Turits - "Freight Train" (single)
Janet Devlin - "Creatures Of The Night" Running Scissors
Junior Brothers - "I've Been Drinkin' 'Cause of You" One Way Ticket
Julian Fulton - "Paris, Idaho"  Reverie
Shilpa Ray - "Make Up"  Make Up
Thomas Wesley Stern - "Jackson"  Never Leave

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On this episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast, we interview Frank Portman, aka Dr. Frank of the Mr. T Experience, about his new novel King Dork Approximately, a sequel to 2007's King Dork.

Songs on this episde:
"King Dork"
"King Dork Approximatley"
"Andromeda Klein"
"I Wanna Ramone You"
"She Turned Out To Be Crazy"
"Gooey Glasses"
"How'd The Date End"
"Thinking of Suicide"
"Two Martinis From Now"

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Jersey Beat Podcast #114

On this episode of the podcast, we interview Jarrett Dougherty, drummer of the Screaming Females, about his band's new album "Rose Mountain," touring, and DIy culture.

On this episode:

"Because The Night" - Garbage/Screaming Females
"Wishing Well" and "Criminal Image" from Rose Mountain by Screaming Females
"Rotten Apple" from Ugly by Screaming Females
"Cortez The Killer" and "I Do" from Singles from Screaming Females



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Jersey Beat Podcast #112

The Front Bottoms - Jim Bogart
Those Mockingbirds - How To Rob A Bank
The Martinets - Rock N Roll Will Probably Never Die
Stuyvesant - Shh
Black Wine - Breaking Down
Jeffrey Lewis - What Would Pussy Riot Do?
Cymbals Eat Guitars - XR
Eastern Anchors - Above Your Station
Smalltalk - Indecipherable
The Everymen - NJHC
The Gradients - Enemies
Single Mothers - Blood Pressure
Loudon Wainwright III - Brand New Dance
The Porchistas - The Moon Saloon
Deena - My Friend Superman
Karen Haglof - Musician's Girlfriend Blues
The-All-About - All Your CD's
Gay Elvis -Sing When I'm Alone
Allison Strong - Days Like This



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On this episode of the JB Podcast,  host Jim Testa talks with Joseph D'Agostino of Cymbals Eat Guitars about his band's new album, and the state of the band in the current indie-rock landscape.

Songs on this podcast:

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Laramie  (from Lose)
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Another Tunguska (from Lenses Alien)
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Wind Phoenix (Radio Edit) (from Why There Are Mountains)
Cymbals Eat Guitars - XR (from Lose)
The Wrens - I Guess We're Done (from "Abbott 1135")
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Warning (from Lose)

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Jim Testa talks to Peter Stampfel about his latest album, his long career, and never slowing down.

Peter Stampfel & The Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Banjo Squadron - Roadkill
Peter Stampfel & The Ether Frolic Mob - I Will Survive
Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel - Hoodoo Bash
Peter Stampfel - Keep A'Knockin'
The Unholy Modal Rounders - Griselda
The Unholy Modal Rounders - Midnight In Paris
Peter Stampfel & The Bottle Caps - Surfer Angel
Peter Stampfel & The Bottle Caps - Springtime In Alaska
Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis - Do You Know Who I Am? I'm Fuckin' Snooki!
Peter Stampfel & The Worm All-Stars - Fucking Sailors In Chinatown
Peter Stampfel & The Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Banjo Squadron - Page 88 (outro music)

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Glee Cast - Blue Christmas

Dismemberment Plan - Mexico City Christmas

Electric Six - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

The Front Bottoms - Christmas Wrapping

Diamond Rugs - Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant

John Prine - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Kevin Devine - Splitting Up Christmas

Ghost Pal - A Christmas Gift For You

The Kinks - Father Christmas

Ruby On The Vine - Everything New (Like On Christmas Morning)

The Ravers - It's Going To Be A Punk Rock Christmas

The Pogues - Fairy Tale In New York

The Wag - Feels Like Christmas

Peachcake - What Happens When Santa's Sleigh Gets Lost?

Dan Bryk - Dan Bryk's Christmas Ballad

Bright N Early - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Richard X Heyman - I Can't Wait

The Worm Quartet - A Worm Quartet Christmas

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Our guest for this podcast is Tony Tavano, guitarist/vocalist of the Chicago punk band Vortis.

Vortis songs:
Sisyphean March -  Modern Savage

Fellow Traveler - Take The System Down

God Won't Bless America Again - God Won't Bless America

Things Won't Get Better - Modern Savage

Walking Down Lincoln - 2007 Demos

Roadside Bomb - Modern Savage

Everybody Killed - Modern Savage

Singalong - Modern Savage

So Long - Modern Savage

For more information, visit

Direct download: JB106.mp3
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The Dopamines - Business Papers
Turkish Techno - Without You
American Lies - Glassbones
Gateway District - Waves & Cars
Rumspringer - Give Me A Fucking Vowel
Big Dick - Too Hot To Trot
FYP - Toss My Cookies
Radon - Facial Disobedience
The Slow Death - Opposite of Jessie's Girl
Jabber - Talk To You
Parasites - Find The Words To Tell You
Lipstick Homicide - Who Stole Molly's Bike?
Sharkpants - Past & Future
Hands Like Bricks - The Old Crowd
Gentlemen Prefer Blood -Rochester
Horror Squad - Walking Eagle(
The Steinways - (Nobody Wants To) Make Out (With Me Because I Wear Sweatpants)
Riverboat Gamblers - Victory Lap
Shellshag - Medley
Plow United - Westchester Rock City
Toys That Kill - Goodbye California

Direct download: jb105.mp3
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The Steinways - Attaching Transmittals To Erection Drawings
Houseboat - I Work On the 13th Floor
Mikey Erg! - Flower Tattoo
Slow Death - Sorry Sam
Team Stray - Gender Studies
Trashkanistan - Milly
Flamingo Nosebleed - Dance To The Stereo
Meeps! - You're Dating A Douchebag Now
The Hellstroms - Dianne Debris
Dog Party - The World Is Not A Game
Tight Bros - Benny Hates Shelly
Sick Sick Birds - Marietta
Dead Mechanical - Three Cities
Night Birds - Born To Die In Suburbia
The Copyrights - Worn Out Passport
Screaming Females - Normal
The Marshmallows - Hoboken
Jetty Boys - My Times
The Capitalist Kids - Weasel
Borderlines - Past Lives
Candy Hearts - Asbury Park
The Fatal Flaw - So Old
Beatnik Termites - Rock All Night
Dan Vapid & The Cheats - Baby Baby Get Over Yourself
Kepi Ghoulie - Blame It On My Mom
The Mopes - Squeaky Clean

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Jersey Beat Podcast #103 - A Tribute To Chris Gobo Pierce

The A.G.'s - Sneaking Into Peter's

Sinkhole - Casemaker

For Science - Leaving New Brunswick

Groucho Marxists - I Just Wanna Hold You

The Ergs! - A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady

The Measure (SA) - Means To An End

Doc Hopper - Meister / Jenny Jenny

The-All-About - Jessie

David Pollack - Balloon

Swaai Boys - I'm Just A Kid In This Town

The Harmonica Lewinskies - Funky Home

Ghost Pal - Rainy Day Women #12 and #35

Napoleon - Moonlight

Lazyeyes - Forever

Little Waist - No Recognition

The Young Rochelles - I Need My Mommy To Do My Laundry

Direct download: jb103.mp3
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Deena/The Cucumbers - My Friend, Superman

Goodman - Use Me

Anna Bradley - Reel Attachment

Flagland - Get Off The Phone

Big Ups - Fresh Meat

Golden Bloom - Lone Reporter

The Brooklyn What - Punk Rock Loneliness

Full Minute of Mercury - The Battle

Iced Ink - Abra Cadavera

The Micks - Port Authority

Team Spirit - Teenage Love

Tris McCall - An Ass of U And Me

The Harmonica Lewinskies - Funky Home

Sensual Harassment - NYC Beast

Heeney - New York City

The New Rochelles - Nightcrawler

Power Salad - It's Its

Team Spirit

Direct download: jb102.mp3
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Screaming Females - Sick Bed

Big Dick - Problems

Shellshag - Save Yourself

Brick  + Mortar - 20LBS

Local H - Another February

Big Eyes - Why Can't I?
The Great American Novel - This Song Will Make You Love Me

Damfino - When You Danced & Sang For Me

Grand Rapids - Road To Ruin

The Harmonica Lewinskies - Ghost Pal

The Brixton Riot - Hipster Turns 30

Science Police - Stop Hitting Yourself

The New Rochelles - This Is My LJ

The Brodheads - Nothing I Care About

Jeffrey Lewis - Slogans

Brook Pridemore - Simpsons Reference

The Bennys - Woo!!

Holy City Zoo - Giving Him The Business

I Am The Heat - Famous

David Pollak - Till It Turns Midnight

Direct download: jb101.m4a
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Jersey Beat Podcast #100 -- Happy New Year

The Catholic Girls - Grounded

The Anderson Council - Gardening Man

Boxed Wine - Stuck In The Middle With You

The dB's - That Time Is Gone

Goodman - Night Person

The-All-About - Occupy My Heart

The Graveyard Kids - Raft of the Medusa

Dr. Skinnybones - Bad Education

The Harmonica Lewinskies - How To Run A Business

The Great American Novel - Sleeping Alone

The Jean Jackets - The Myth of Sisyphus

Ghost Pal - God Bless Mama Coco's

Crazy & The Brains - It's Alright

Survay Says - The Netflix Song (Light of Day)

Plow United - Revenge

Rye Coalition - Hard Luck

Nuclear Santa Claust - Since I Woke Up (Berlin Wall)

Click here to purchase the Chance4Change Records "For The Shore" Benefit Compilation

Click here for more information on Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen

Click here to purchase the Chance4Change Records "For The Shore" Benefit Compilation

Click here to purchase the Chance4Change Records "For The Shore" Benefit Compilation

Direct download: jb100.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 1:14pm EDT

The Ravers - It's Gonna Be A Punk Rock Christmas
The Connection - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
The Front Bottoms - Christmas Wrapping
Harvey Danger - Sometimes You Have To Work On Christmas
The One & Nines - I'm Gonna Lasso Christmas
The Yule Logs - Northpole 45789
Fountains of Wayne - I Want An Alien For Christmas
The Everymen - Oh That's Christmas To Me
Sam Mickens - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
Peachcake - What Happens When Santa's Sleigh Gets Lost
Worm Quartet - A Worm Quartet Christmas
Jolly - The Christmas Song
David Jacobsen - A Cubicle Christmas
Little Kicks - Santa Claus Is Not A Number
Jim Testa - The Festivus Song
Groovie Ghoulies - My Christmas Card To You
Les Trois Chaud - Sorry I'm Broke
Anna Vogelzang -Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Direct download: JB99.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:38pm EDT

The Jizzmoes - Monster Mash
Tracy Morgan - Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
Dragon King - Wolfman
Devo Spice - PC Halloween
Alice Donut - I Walked Like A Zombie
Andy Shernoff - Are You Ready For The Rapture?
Playdate - Dance Like A Monster
Teenage Bottle Rocket - Punk House of Horror
Zac Clark & The Griswolds - Ghost Dad
The Quarantines - Zombie Army
My Chemical Romance - Astro-Zombies
Magnolia Electric Company - Werewolves Of London
The Lillingtons - Zombies
Spike Jones - Monster Movie Ball
Charm Machine - Zombie BBQ
Disgusteens - Monster Zero

Direct download: JB97.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 11:14pm EDT

Candy Hearts - Asbury Park
Young Skin - Don't Shoot Me (An Email)
Brick Mower - Touchdown Jesus
Direct Hit! - Fallout Shelter Television
Kurt Baker - Hit The Ground
The Connection - Seven Nights To Rock
Goodman - Waiting
Kimberly Steaks - Terminal Boredom
Masked Intruder - 25 Ta Life
Stab Me, Kill Me - Lemon Party
The Swellers - Makin' Waves
White Wires - It's Been A While
Atomic Missiles - Winter's Coming
Lemuria - Varoom Allure
Borderlines - Flux Capacitator
The Ambulars - Teenage Hate
Faster Housecat - Where The Fuck Is Hogsboro?
D.O.A. - He's Got A Gun
The Holy Mess - Cold Goodbyes

Direct download: JB98.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 7:32pm EDT

The Capitalist Kids - Weasel
Reel Big Fish - Your Girlfriend Sucks
Cletus - Christine's A Lesbian
Spider Bags - Standing On A Curb
Used Kids - Standing On The Edge of the World
Now People - Medium Toast
Screeching Weasel - Carnival of Schadenfrude

Dr. Skinnybones - Aw Fuck It!
Great American Novel - Does This Train Stop At 57th Street?
The-All-About - Too Dressed Up To Not Go Dancing
The Newport Reds - Icesurfing
The Harmonica Lewinskies - Kitchen Sink
Ghost Pal - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Kurt Baker - Want You Around
The Connection - Gonna Leave You
Joe McEnerney - Next September
Project 27 - Family Genus Species
The New Rochelles - Stop Giving Me The Stinkeye
The Leftovers - Telephone Operator

Direct download: jb96a.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 6:32pm EDT

Be My Doppelganger - No Control
d'arcy - 2 AM
House Boat - Love Song For The Reclusive
The Dopamines - More Chords, Better Value
Max Levine Ensemble - Anthem For A NewMorning After
Dan Vapid & The Cheats - Just Like Cleopatra
Double Dagger - I Was So Bored I Wanted To Hang Myself On The Dance Floor
Billy Raygun - Ex Friends
Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine - Shock-You-Py!
Smoking Popes - Let's Call It Love
The Bugs - Back In The Barrio
Blood Red Shoes - Stop Kicking
Mikey Erg - Flower Tattoo
Poison Ivy League - It's Like A Dance Song
Dunebuggy - Chump Change
Kirk Swan - Your Secret's Safe
Sinktapes - Lou Is Cooler Than You
Teenage Bottlerocker - Punk House of Horror
Reel Big Fish - Everyone Else Is An Asshole

Direct download: JB95.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 5:20pm EDT

Billy Raygun - Color Me Distressed

Dead Mechanical - In A Room

Emily's Army - Good Looks

Mikey Erg - Song Against Ian Raymond

The Unlovables - Feelin' All Emo (Since I Broke Up With You)

Be My Doppelganger - Disappointers

The Copyrights - Worn Out Passport

The Dopamines - Basement

Dr. Frank - I Wanna Ramone You

The Parasites - First Day of Summer

Beatnik Termites - Red Haired Girl

Plow United - Collapse

Lipstick Homicide - We'll Be Okay

Night Birds - Midnight Movies

Teenage Bottlerocket - Blood Bath at Burger King

Braceface - Phil Gomez

Dear Landlord - Walking Distance

Houseboat - 21st Century Breakroom (edit)

The Candy Hearts - Punk Songs

Rational Anthem - Cool Story

The Strait A's - Pet Project

The Slow Death - Sleeping Somewhere Else

Direct download: JB94.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 7:25pm EDT

Host Jim Testa is joined by Jersey City singer/songwriter Darren Deicide, whose gutbucket blues mixes well with the bawdy, sleazy necromantic underbelly of burlesque.    Darren has allowed us to debut his new sing, "Bomb This Joint," and then performs a new song live in the studio, in between chatting with host Jim Testa

Direct download: jb93.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 11:09pm EDT

Luther - The Door Is A Penthouse
Bike Tuff - When I Get Old
Radio Barons - Teardrop Eyes
The Rubinoos - Shake Some Action
The Connection - Yeah Yeah
Thursday - Ever Fallen In Love
Garden Variety - Clean Sheets
The Avengers - The Amerikan In Me
The Ergs! - Hey Jealousy
Ted Leo - Outdoor Miner
Poster Children - I Feel Love
Anti-Flag - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Chestpiece - RIP Miguel
Oberhofer - Landline
Fairmont - Melt With You
Jack Skuller - Get Rhythm
Brian McGee - First Kiss
Roadside Graves - Holiday Road
Crucial Dudes - Dry Spell

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The Connection - It's All Right
Kurt Baker - The Problem
The All About - High School Kids (Bum Me Out)
Black Water - Kaleidoscope
The Great American Novel - Vonnegut & Morrissey
Mikey Erg - The Art of Stupidity
Night Birds - Sex Tape
The Men - Open Your Heart
Black Wine - Couch Critics
Minor Threat - Salad Days
Ceremony - Quarantine
Goin' Places - Nobody Gives A Shit About Us
Mr. T Experience - Dumb Little Band
Smoking Popes - Punk Band
Tim Carroll - That's Rock N Roll
J Roddy Walston & The Business - Don't Break The Needle
Aspiga - Laughing This Off
The Copyrights - Straight To The Office
The Gooningtons - I Took A Monkey To The Sadie Hawkins Dance
The Boys Club - Bleeding, TX
Youth Brigade - Sink With Kalifornija

Direct download: jb91.m4a
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Direct download: jb90.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 8:54pm EDT

Jizzmoes - The Monster Mash
Alice Donut - I Walked With A Zombie
The Lillingtons - Zombies
My Chemical Romance - AstroZombies
Southern Culture On The Skids - Zombified
The Quarantines - Zombie Army
Cast of The Evil Dead - Do The Necronomicon
Devo Spice - PC Halloween
Magnolia Electric Co. - Werewolves of London
Peter Stampfel - The Werewolf
Jeffrey Lewis - Whistle Past The Graveyard
The Adorkables - The Evil Dead
Direct Hit! - Monster In The Closet
Flamingo Nosebleed - Zombie Daze
Andy Shernoff - Are You Ready To Rapture?
The Forgetters - Vampire Lesson
The Misfits - Ghost of Frankenstein
The Riverdales - Castle of Fu Manchu
Roky Erickson - Don't Shake Me Lucifer
The Tremors - Late Night Drive In Monster Show
Loudon Wainwright III - Halloween 2009

Direct download: jb89.m4a
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Andy Shernoff & Joey Ramone - Tremble
Wyldlife - Bird
Dictators - Baby Let's Twist
Crazy & The Brains - Lindsay Lohan
Plow United - The Narrow Sparrow
Amy Rigby - Dancing with Joey Ramone
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Distance
Joey Ramone - Don't Think About It
All Eyes West - Help Is On The Way
Yo Ticonderoga - Livin'
The Last Chucks - Coffee Talking
Roll The Tanks - Pistolero
Bridge & Tunnel - Harder Pill To Swallow
Chuck Ragan - Nothing Left To Prove
Mannequin Men - Hobby Girl
Gateway District - Run Away
Tenement - Rock Eating People
Very Okay - Dead Horses

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Labor Day Untelethon

Chixdiggit - Quit Your Job
Dead Milkmen - Labor Day
Copyrights - Cashiers
House Boat - I Work On The 13th Floor
Screeching Weasel - Beginningless Vacation
Nojons - Quit Your Job
Off With Their Heads - Goddamn Job
Methadones - On The Clock
Iceage - New Brigade
The Avengers - Teenage Rebel
The Gooningtons - I Took A Monkey To The Sadie Hawkins Day Dance
The New Rochelles - Watch Out For The Skunkape
Yo Ticonderoga - New Band, Song 1
Bomb The Music Industry - Vocal Coach
Miracle Drugs - I'll Buy The Drinks
Pumps - Pin In The Map
Black Wine - Spit To See The Shame
The Dopamines - 10 Stories
Dear Landlord - A Little Left
Direct Hit! - Satan Says
The Birkitt Tapes - Pretty Nonsense
Poison Control Center - Dracula's Casket
The Regime - She's Got Nothin'
Sleeping Bag - Rental

Direct download: jb87.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 9:52pm EDT

House Boat - Quivering
Connie Dungs - Paper Snow
Max Levine Ensemble - It's Make Out Time
Potatomen - The Day I Said Goodbye
Karmella's Game - Tour Boyfriends
Kurt Baker - Why You Gotta Lie
Army Coach - Day of Reason
The Copyrights - Face For Radio
The Dopamines - Car Trouble
Mikey Erg - Key Of C, Fix It Fix It Stop
Be My Doppelganger - I Need A Ride
Sun Puddles - Coffee Cup
Beatnik Termites - Somebody Else's Baby
The Marshmallows - Battle of the Sexy
Dead Mechanical - Last Show
Iron Chic - World's Greatest Detective
Dear Landlord - Park Bench
Direct Hit! - Boredom Addict
Emily's Army - West Coast
The Murderburgers - Beer, Don't Fail Me Now
The Quarantines - Robot Takeover
New Creases - Not Coming With
The Riverdales - Party At The Beach

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Jim Testa remembers comedian, author, raconteur, televsion personality, and longtime radio host Jean Shepherd,  in his opinion one of the greatest American humorists of the 20th Century. We present some of Jean's work, share a few reminiscences, and interview the author of Shepherd's biography, "Excelsior You Fathead."    We hope you enjoy this special episode of our podcast.

Direct download: jb85.m4a
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Brats - Hair Trigger
Grey Area - No Guarantees
Night Birds - Squad Car
Not The Bees! - Hey Who Wants To Take Me To The Hospital
Pumps - Pin In The Map
State Lines - Probably In A Notebook
Adrenalin OD - Joe From Lodi
Big Eyes - Your Lies
Stewart - Ride The Wave
Wavves - King Of The Beach
Shonen Knife - Rockaway Beach
The Slickee Boys - When I Go To The Beach
The Steinways - Debra Jean

FUMP Promo

Devo Spice - I'm Not Your Personal IT Man
Jeff The Brotherhood - Cool Out
Dogmatics - Gimme The Shakes
The Impediments - LeAn
Go Rydell - Not Cool, Not Cool
Candy Hearts - Last Summer
Not On Tour - Did You Get Enough
Care Bears on Fire -  Saturday Night Special

Outro:  LandSpeedRecord - "Visiting Hours"

Direct download: jb84.m4a
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Billy Raygun - Same Animal, Different Disorder
Creature Did - This Is All
Fucked Up - Queen of Hearts
Sun Puddles - Coffee Cup
Worriers - Made To Mend
Devo Spice - Platform Wars
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Bridge & Tunnel Girls
Amy Rigby - Dancing With Joey Ramone
The Bynars - How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
Front Bottoms - Maps
Static Jacks - Girl Parts
No Bunny - Live It Up
Night Birds - Prognosis:Negative
Lemuria - Bloomer
Lipstick Homicide - Prom
Vance Or Towers - Education Blues
Box Elders - Jackie Word
The Ergs! - Saturday Night Crap O Rama (Acoustic)

Direct download: jb83.m4a
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Pink Lincolns - Oh Bondage, Up Yours
Les Butcherettes - New York
Poly Styrene - Virtual Boyfriend
The Slits - I Heard It Thru The Grapevine
Patti Smith - Piss Factory
Supercute - Not Write About Boys
Care Bears on Fire - Red Lights
Vortis with Raedy Ping - Oh Bondage Up Yours

The Biters - Other Side
The Booze - Wild One
Wyldlife - Girls In Fedoras
Flagland - My New Game
Big Ups - No Plan
Billy Raygun - I'm Gonna Land This Place...
Sinkhole - Casemarker
Cletus - Beer
Muhshuganah - Disappointed
The Connection - Stop Talking
The Dig - You're Already Gone
The Fuckers - Molly The Lesbian Party Dog

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Jersey Beat Podcast #81

Ben Weasel - First Day of Spring
Art Brut - Unprofessional Wrestling
Lemuria - Pleaser
Bare Wires - Don't Ever Change
Turbo Fruits - Ain't The Only One Having Fun
Ty Segall - My Sunshine
The Head - Only One
Overlord - Daily Oblivion
Smoking Popes - Punk
Mr. T Experience - Dumb Little Band
Transit - Just Go, Just Leave
Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis - I Spent The Night In The House of Wax
Kurt Baker - Cruel To Be Kind
Surf City - Kudos
Pansy Division - Too Many Hoops
Nifty Breed -- Bag of Bones
The Nico Blues - Exit #6
We All Have Hooks For Arms - Girls

Direct download: jb81.m4a
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Screeching Weasel - Follow Your Leaders
Smoking Popes - Punk Band
Downfall - New Regulations
Dropkick Murphys - Sunday Hardcore Matinee
Bedlam Hour - My Mother Doesn't Know I'm A Punk Rocker
Fireworks - I Grew Up In A Legion Hall
Balloon Squad - Carla Gets Confused
Jawbox - Busy
Kurt Baker - Don't Steal My Heart Away
the Point - I Like Girls
The Lacksatives - World Class Fad
The Marshmallows - Battle of the Sexy
Mikey Erg - Key Of C, Fix It Fix It Stop
Jeffrey Lewis - Slogans
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Drink American
Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis - Busted
House Boat - Never Tear Us Apart
Porno Sponges - Lost My Mind
Mr. T Experience - Tomorrow Is A Harsh Mistress
The Dopamines - Basement

Direct download: jb80.m4a
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Jersey Beat Podcast #79

Mikey Erg - Little Hands of Concrete
Black Wine - Pick At Pieces
Screeching Weasel - Beginningless Vacation
Chappo - Come Home
The Meeps! - Camaro
BNLX - Rise Above
Cage The Elephant - 2024
Crazy & The Brains - Saturday Night Live
Marvin Berry & The New Sound - Space Age
Material Issue - Carol
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Friday On My Mind
Byrds of Paradise - Honey Trap
Cobra Skulls - Doomsday Parade
Adrenalin OD - The Nice Song
The Heat Tape - Idle Man
Care Bears On Fire - Ask Me How I Am
The Martinets - Comeback Tour
The Measure (SA) - Revisionist
Mike Watt - Frying-Pan Man
The Laureates - Outdoor Miner
Nobody's Heroes - Danny Likes Young Girls
Man Overboard - The Absolute Worst

Direct download: jb79.m4a
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Jim Testa - The Festivus Song
Neil Nathan - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Canon Logic - Kiss Me On Christmas
11 Acorn Lane - Deck The Halls
Two Inch Winky - All I Want For Christmas Is Beer
Slow Club - Christmas Please Come Home
The Yule Logs - Northpole 45789
Summer Camp - Christmas Wrapping
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Dig That Crazy Santa Claus
Deer Tick - Christmas All Summer Long
John Prine - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Dream Diary - Christmas All Over
The Gripweeds - Christmas, Bring Us
The Kinks - Father Christmas
The Puppini Sisters - Santa Baby
The Love Pushers - Christmas (Will Always Bring Me Down)
Musket - Christmas Blow
Sleepy Rebels - California Christmas
The Kung Fu Monkeys - Merry Christmas Baby (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
The Ergs! - We're Gonna Have A Devo Christmas
Ethan Lipton - Gift Basket
James Wells - Christmas Wish (In June)
Prayer For Animals - Riptide Yuletide
Piner Gir - A Cheery Christmas

Direct download: jb78.mp3
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Ghosts, ghouls, zombies, werewolves, vampires and monsters are all rockin' on the latest episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast for Halloween 2010.

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