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Jersey Beat Podcast 32

The Wrens - Pretty O.K.

LandSpeedRecord - Interoffice Copulation


Trusty - Sugar Smack


Poster Children - Zero Stars


The AV Club - Baltimore


The Damien Pratt - PO Box


Warm In The Wake - Ironworkers


Kitty && The Kowalskis - Depression Over...


The Barbecuties - Touchdown d'amour


Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me



The Prozacs - Let's Go


Delay - ...Everything You Hate


Zolof The RNR Destroyer - Mean Old Coot


Albert Hammond Jr - In Transit


Aviso' Hara - Bradley Wake-up



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Dead Kennedys -  Viva Las Vegas

Bouncing Souls - Punx In Vegas


NoFX - Leaving Jesusland


Cletus - 8 Ways To Hate You


The Guts - Easy Come, Easy Go


The Queers - Monkey In A Suit


The Leftovers - Guessage


The Guts - Crazy (w/ The Leftovers)


The 20 Belows - Down Again


Delay - Photo Album


The Ergs - 1000 Letters

The Four Eyes - I Want To Be Your Dylan McKaye

Paul Westerberg - As Far As I Know

Birdy - High As The Sun

Readymade Breakup - Isn't That What It's For

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On this episode of the Jersey Beat podcast we go from power-pop to heavy metal to pop-punk to indie folk and back again, including a Podcast Exclusive from Readymade Breakup's soon-to-be released CD "Isn't That What It's For?"

Readymade Breakup - Starting To End (JB Podcast Exclusive!)


Johnny Action Figure - Like A Canary


The Blakes - New Tattoo


Aiming for Angels - Getaway Driver


Anthrophobia - Trip Fontaine


ashes.are.nutritious - G.P.D.




The Copyrights - Weapons Of Math Destruction


The BadAmps - Highschool Sweetheart



Weston - Retarded


Career Club - Megan


Ghost of Lester Bangs - Sinking Battleships


Kate Hart - I Kill Bugs


Kevin Devine - Trouble  

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We start out looking forward, previewing several unreleased tracks scheduled to be released in early 2007. Then we catch up with some of our favorite releases from the tail end of 2006.

The Queers - Brian Wilson (JB Podcast Exclusive!)

The Ergs! - It'll Be Okay

Project 27 - Our History

The Milwaukees - Breakup Song

Anthrophobia - Half Annihilated

Ruths Hat - Rock And Or Roll

Wild Carnation - Sitting Under A Tree

Bandcamp - Brightest Dark

Pick An Exit - Shes Sleeping Next To Me

Joseph Ferocious - Share Share Share

Bionic Rhdoa - Chili Dog

The Queers - Houston (We Have A Problem)

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