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Grim Deeds - Child of the Millennium
Adult Books - Casual Wrecks
Bent Shapes - 86'd In '03
Robert Pollard - My Daughter, Yes She Knows
Sink Tapes - J For Jazzy
The Other Stars - You Looked Better At The Party
Karen Haglof - Cowgirl Clothes
Karyn Kuhl - It Was A Very Good YearBitterheart - Someone Told Me
The Bordello - Chocolate, My New Rock N Roll
Diplopia - Hoboken
Mean Jeans - Now I Wanna Be Yr Dog
Ray Rockett - Pet Semetary
The Dudikoffs - Burrito Party
Can't Swim - Way It Was
Fucko - Submarine
ROMP - Departure From Venue
NO ICE - Castlebraid
The Maravines - Tie Retie
Toot Sweet - Dilettante
The Wrens - Pretty OK
Soul Asylum - Supersonic


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On this episode of the Jersey Beat podcast, our friends Jack Fitzimmons (Netflix With Fitz podcast) and Chris Fabulous (Weekend Quality podcast) take over as guest hosts and interview their special guest....  Jim Testa!   They talk about JIm's new EP "American Spirits & Artisanal Cheese" and throw in a good old-fashioned Philly punk playlist for one of our most entertaining episodes in a long time!

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