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Jim Testa - The Festivus Song
Neil Nathan - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Canon Logic - Kiss Me On Christmas
11 Acorn Lane - Deck The Halls
Two Inch Winky - All I Want For Christmas Is Beer
Slow Club - Christmas Please Come Home
The Yule Logs - Northpole 45789
Summer Camp - Christmas Wrapping
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Dig That Crazy Santa Claus
Deer Tick - Christmas All Summer Long
John Prine - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Dream Diary - Christmas All Over
The Gripweeds - Christmas, Bring Us
The Kinks - Father Christmas
The Puppini Sisters - Santa Baby
The Love Pushers - Christmas (Will Always Bring Me Down)
Musket - Christmas Blow
Sleepy Rebels - California Christmas
The Kung Fu Monkeys - Merry Christmas Baby (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
The Ergs! - We're Gonna Have A Devo Christmas
Ethan Lipton - Gift Basket
James Wells - Christmas Wish (In June)
Prayer For Animals - Riptide Yuletide
Piner Gir - A Cheery Christmas

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Screeching Weasel - Punk Rock Explained
The Queers - GG Was A Wimp
GG Allin - You Hate Me & I Hate You
Egghead - My First Action Movie
The Measure (SA) - Do The Hustle II
Black Wine - Tornado
Nude Beach - No Change
The Max Levine Ensemble - Tragedy Of The Anti-Commons
The Transgressions - 17
Glory Bound - More Ian MacKaye, Less Ron Jeremy
Washington Square Park - Loan Slavery
The Boys Club - Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin - Fren Banklin
Billy Raygun - Flashlight
The Brokedowns - Apocalypse Seaside Heights
Bad Religion - The Day The Earth Stalled
Full of Fancy - Hermit Love
The Give Ups - Drink Too Much
Like Bats - Look On The Bright Side
Jawbreaker - Down
Forgetters - Vampire Lessons
New Creases  - Covered Bridges
Teenage Bottlerocket- Bloodbath At Burger King

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Ghosts, ghouls, zombies, werewolves, vampires and monsters are all rockin' on the latest episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast for Halloween 2010.

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Jersey Beat Podcast 74:  Insubordination Fest 2010 - Part 2
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The Challenged - "Lost In The Music"
Dead Mechanical - "Addict Rhythm"
The Dopamines - "Glendora"
Full Of Fancy - "Breath Saver"
The Menzingers - "I Was Born"
Off With Their Heads - "The Eyes of Death"
Smokejumper - "Good Enough"
The Pillow Fights - "Knock Knock"
Max Levine Ensemble - "Lucky One"
Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine - "Rock Anthem For The Kids"
Nancy - "Lying To Ourselves"
the Zatopeks - "I Want The Airwaves"
Dirt Bike Annie - "Whatever Makes You Happy"
The Quarantines - "Outer Space"
The Proteens - "Nothing But Trouble"
The Automatics - "Hanging Out At E.J.'s"
MC Chris - "Emo Party"
Less Than Jake - "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads"
Smoking Popes - "Leather & Lace"
Teenage Bottlerocket - "Bloodbath At Burger King"
The Methadones - "Starry Eyes"
The Hextalls - "I'm An Alcoholic"

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Screeching Weasel - The First Day of Summer
Max Levine Ensemble - It's Make Out Time
The Transgressions - Drunk & Depressed
The Ergs! - I Shot The Devil's Son
Adrenalin OD - Paul-A-Roid
The Parasites - The First Day of Summer

Direct Hit! - Snickers Or Reeses, Pick Up The Pieces
Chambers - Old Love
Frankenstein 3000 - Safe European Home
House Boat - Kids of The Black Hole Sun
The Hextalls - Mark Wilson
Vacation Bible Shool - You'll Always Be My Girl

God Damn Doo Wop Band - Leaving Town
The Guts - Invisible Guy
The Gullibles - Gay Parade
Stegosaur - A Headache
The Side Project - Giving Up On Love

The Bamboo Kids - The Streets of New York City
Brick + Mortar - 20LB
Shannon & The Clams - Scuffle With The Clams
Wild America - Drink It Dry
The Dopamines - June 4

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The Hextalls - "I'm A Recluse"  Get Smashed
The Measure SA - "Hit The Ground Running"  Measure/OWTH  7" EP
Off With Their Heads - "Headlights...Ditch!"  Let Them Know compilation
The Side Project - "I Don't Think So"   New Brain 7" EP
Ted Leo - "Outdoor Minor"
The Used Kids - "I Miss My Records"  Yeah No
Goldishack Guerillas - "Fat Lazy Stupid American"  War
Direct Hit! - "Snickers or Reese's (Pick Up The Pieces)"   #4
The Hamiltons - "Tearin' Tickets To Kuwait"  Don't Mess Up 7" EP
Cletus - "Canada"  Protein Packed
North Lincoln - "Sick Of Sorrys"  7" EP
Homewreckers - "Bad Decisions"  7" EP
The Manix - "Metal Endings"  Van Activities 7" EP
Nervous System - "Sometimes I'm A Verb"  Needs Medicine 12"
Sick Sick Brains - "Revolt (With Perfect Spelling)"  Chemical Trains 7" EP
The Thumbs - "Made For TV"  The Thumbs
The Steinways - "Black Lung"  AOTU 7"
7 Seconds - "Sink With California"  Let Them Known compilation
The Max Levine Ensemble - "You're Art Monk & I'm Telling Everyone" Ben Weasel 7" EP
Screeching Weasel - "Bottom Of The Ninth"  Teen Punks In Heat
Barrakuda McMurder - "Grace/Period"  More Songs About Girlfriends & Volcanoes 7" EP
Full Of Fancy - "Breathsaver"  FoF/Dead Mechanical 7" EP

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Jersey Beat Podcast - Episode 70

Project 27 - Family, Genus, Species
The Serlingtons - No Cake For Hitler
Sex Wing Starfighter - Kamino
The Side Project - Get A New Brain
The Marked Men - Fix My Brain
Tahoe Jeff - My Brain Hurts
The Art of Shooting - The Birdcage
Black Wine - Chateau of Ghosts
Avi Buffalo - What's In It For?
April Smith & The Great Picture Show - Movie Loves A Screen
The Used Kids - Dancing On The Edge of the World
The Lacksatives - World Class Fad
The Hextalls - I Don't Want To Be A New York Ranger
Crazy & The Brains - New York City!
Franz Nicolay - Oh New England
Everybody Was In The French Resistance...Now - Creeque Allies
Bad Sports - Can't Remember Your Name
Pots N Pans - Party At The Swamp
Free Energy - Hope Child
Mod Fun - Titanic



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