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The Front Bottoms - Voodoo Magic
The Great American Novel - This Will Not Be Our Year
Rockstar Racecar - Created A Monster
Precious Bones - All She Wants
The Happy Fits - Another Try
Dummy - Daffodils
Emperor of Ice Cream - Weather Vane
Dangereens - Streets Of Doom
The Kowalskis - I Love You
Parker Longbough - Fake Sinatra
Namesake - I'm Sick
Hippo Campus - Bad Dream Baby
The dt's - You With Me
Acid Tongue - All Out Of Time
Future Crib - Most Likely Never Going To Die
Hand Drawn Maps - Catch A Wave
Sweet Nobody - Other Humans
Pale Lips - Candy
mazie - I Think I Wanna Be Left Alone
Mr. Goblin - Left Before Your Set

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Jack Skuller - Only Getting Older
The Great American Novel - Grabbin' A Slice
The Clydes - Modern Girl
The Anderson Council - Girl Don't Tell Me
Gregory McLoughlin - Liftoff
Tom Barrett - Some Grow Wings
Vista Blue - Back To The Summer Olympics
Lauren Banjo - Hang In There
The Cheats - Rock N Roll Loveletter
Geoff Palmer - Tomorrow
Lysa Mychols & Super 8 - Don't Worry Baby
Thought Leaders - Jane Doe's Estate
Weekend Recovery - Yeah!
Los Chicos - The Prize
Bite Me Bambi - Our Lips Are Sealed
The Demographic - Descent
Woody & Jeremy - My Old Bassist
Richard Barone & Johnathan Pushkar - I Get Around
Colin Moulding - The Hardest Battle
Future Crib - Most Likely Never Going To Die
John LInnell - Haec Quoque Est Res
Jerry Lehane & Dicky Barrett - Drinking Life

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Rockstar Racecar - Rock N Roll In America
Capitalist Kids - Real Americans
The Credentials - I Killed 22 Iraquis And All I Got Was This Lousy Engineering Degree
The Mr. T Experience - God Bless America
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Drink American
The Stigmatics - American Dream
The Steve Adamyk Band - I Fought For The USA
Rick Barry - Stupid American Song
Cathedral Ceilings - Hamilton Circuits
The '94 Knicks - People You Know And People You May Not Know
Jack Skuller - Anyhow
LCARS - A Song For The Cicadas Of Brood X, 2021 (To You, In 17 Years)
Emergencies - Hurt Somebody
sonofdov - Reviver
aBIRD - Nothing Like Us
Disaster Party - Beige Turns Black
Turnpike Gates - City In Heat
Izzy True - New Fruit
Raincrowd - Can't We All Just Get Along
Nihilocerous - Iamananimal
Acid Tongue - Rock N Roll Revelations

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The Cucumbers - Do It Yourself
Dentist - Let Me Let Go
Last Minet - Don't Hold Back
Lastwaves - Stroke of Luck
Lost In Society - Say Anything
NO ICE - Frequency
Bathroom Of The Future - Watching Bill & Ted Outside
Geoff Palmer - Many More Drugs
Clowns - Does It Matter?
French Girls - Summertime
Beatnik Termites - Pet Shop Girl
American Television - American Jesus
Chelsea Curve - All In Time
Danny Laj & The Works - You & Me
Hard Nips - Alternative Dreamland
Irmans - I Wanna See You
Middle-Aged Queers - Size Queen
Talk Show Host - Warmest Condolences
Tim Foljahn - I Can't Decide
Virginity - Nosferattitude (The Vampire Song)
The Peppermint Sticks - Hey Fanzine!

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Editor Jim Testa interviews Ira Robbins on his new book Music In A Word, a combination anthology and memoir about his life and career as a music journalist.

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Mike Chick - "Pine Lake Park"
Keith Kenny - "Move Along"
Little Hag - "Walk Of Shame"
Darrin Bradbury - "Deanna, Deanna"
Ruby Bones - "Tired Eyes"
Oliver Ignatius - "Debris"
Devon Kay & The Solutions - "Liver"
Brad Marino - "Even The Score"
Hayley & The Crushers - "Kiss Me So I Can"
Hadda Be - Apathy
The Planes - Decoder Ring
Proper Nouns - Situation Done
Direct Hit! - Hollow Comfort
Hey Baby! - Walking Home
Prima Donna - He's A Rebel
IV - "WTW"
Hit Like A Girl - "Boardwalk"
Andy Bilinski - "Do What You Want"
The Shang Hi Los - "Stay"



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Anthony Walker - Stealin'
Andy Bilinski - Do What You Want
Annie Blackman - Why We Met
Luke Faust - Don't Seem Right
Laura Veira - The Panther
GRIM DEEDS - Born To Be Odd
Authority Zero - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free
The Bitty - Kurt Kobain
Chadd Derkins - Save The Whales
Kelly Sullivan - When The Waves Are Low
Rocky Rochelle - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love
Mikey Erg - Amy Left Me For An Emo Guy
Too Much Joy - That's The Way The World Goes Round
Eleventh Dream Day - Yves Klein's Blues
Blanketman - National Trust
Rebreather - Orange Crush
Smallpox - Driver 8
NO ICE - All Night
Songs For Snakes - Her Descent
Talk Show Host - Blood In The Sand
Big Rips - Planet Of Dipshits
Supermutt - Show Them Fangs


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Anthony Walker - Wolves Can Wait
Jon Klages - God Bless The Columbia House Record Club
Lake Street Drive - Being A Woman
Ruby Bones - Don't Lose Your Head
Whiner - Fear
The Challenged - Sleep On It
The Blips - Walking Home
Pale Lips - You're A Doll
The Neighborhood Brats - Who Took The Rain?
Classic Pat - Change Machine
Half Past Two - Mean Green
The Living Pins - Downtown
El No - Move In Twos
Hot Breath - What You're Looking For
The Nuclears - Siamese Connection
Triptides - Let It Go
Dana Why - Raspberries



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Dan McLane - Sad All Over
State Drugs - Rain King
The Challenged - Exposed
J Robbins - Automaticity
Lo Talker - No Champagne
Space Cadet - Bad Luck
Fatrace - Fun Fun Fun
The Right Here - Here We Go Again
Horsegirl - Sea Life Sandwich Boy
Brian Damage - Psycho Horny
Future Selves - The Hell With It
Proper Nouns - Known Unknowns
Carpool Tunnel - Better Now
The Cantenary Wires - Mirror Ball
Clever Girls - Remember Pluto
Ugli - House Pet
Hanalei - Screen Echoes
Too Much Joy - Uncle Watson Wants To Think
Steve Almaas - Goodbye Nicolina
The Rayo Bros. - Love Undead
Stephen Clair - When This Is All Over
Solstice Rey -Mountains
The Fleshtones - Alex Trebek

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Mikey Erg - Hey Marissa
Jennifer Blowdryer - Stole My Camera
Devon Kay & The Solutions - Frustrated People Of The World, Unite
Tiger's Jaw - New Detroit
Arrows To Fire - I'm Supersonic
The Authorities - Just An Excuse
The Cheap Cassettes - See Her In Action
The Clydes - The Fate of California
Har Mar Superstar - Where We Began
The Living Pins - Raven
Zebedee - Marlon Brando
The Camel City Blackouts - Angels
Commons2 - Hands
Bachelor - Anything At All
Palehound - How Long?
The Reds, Pinks & Purples - The Record Player & The Damage Done
Speed The Plough - Soul To Keep
The Vaughns - Bushwick
The Martha's Vineyard Ferries - After You
Mod Fun - I Am With You, Action Tyme, The Bulrushes (Bongos cover,) Titanic


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Jaake Margo - Rudy's Got The Roni
LCars - Town Without Streets
J Prozac - Number One
State Drugs - Beautiful & Broke
To The Helpless - Afraid Of Yourself
NRCSSST - Sinking
Trojan Warfare - Outlaw
Wizard Brain - 4 AM EST
Tri-State - Chapeaux
stillhungry - Best Costume Wins
Big Fang - Mondays
Chiba Neko - Built For Speed
Cold Expectations - Two Blueberries
Art d'Ecco - Head Rush
Amiture - Touch
Distant Voices - Lights Of The City
Aubrey Haddard - Portugese Red
Brett Altman - Holding On To Now
Reilly & Co. - Dirty F'ing Laundry
She's A Guy - I Don't Know
Kowalski's - First Date
The Heartdrops - Lesson Learned


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Mikey Erg - Rumblestrip
Brad Marino - What Do You Know?
Haley & The Crushers - Jacaranda
Dentist - Don't Let Me Catch You
Indonesian Junk - One More Try
FSHG - Love Is All That You Need
Adrian Danon - Romance Is Dead
Blue Vervain - North Carolina
Smallpox - #10 (Under Acme)
Terry McCarthy - Most Sorry
Speed The Plough - Broken Glass
Val Emmich - Massive Headache
Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans - Don't Let Me Catch You
Jordan Krimston - Betty
Leafing - Little Ball
Linnea's Garden - Non-Dramatic Breakup Song
Modesty Blaise - Girls Just Wanna Dance
NRCSSST - Sinkin
Peter Stampfel - Rave On

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Amy Rigby - Four years of u
Blue Vervain - North Carolina
Karen Haglof - Devastation Completed
Jon Caspi - She Is Fine
Val Emmich - Blue State
Jason Didner - Salt & Sand
Beeman & Bannon - Simple Twist of Fate
George Wirth - Jackson Girl
Mickey PG & The Overshare - Cardboard Box
Worm Quartet - Pacman Is 40 & So Are You
Cheekface - Emotional Rent Control
Deathray Davies - Oh Stars
The Gungans - She's Always Looking At Her Phone
Twin Flame - 7:50
Reconciler - Push To Break

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Amanda Rose Riley - Better Luck Next Year
Stuyvesant - Explorer
Sal Cannestra - A Little Dumb, A Little Cruel
Airport Dreaming - Seminar Prof Of The Year
Oliver Ignatius - To Hell With Good Intentions
Ritual Tension - I Can't Find The Party
Chrissy Roberts & Ralph Capasso - Stand By Me
The Great American Novel - Barstool Blues
Eddie Skuller - Rock On
Goodman - Shallow (Completely Shallow)
Shang Hi Los - Skipping Records
Slow Buildings - Fruit
Chaser - 2020
Belaver - Here It Comes
The Dirty Nil - One More And The Bill
George Wirth - Get Up Joe
Jason Paul & The Know It Alls - We Took The Risk
GRIM DEEDS - Unresolved Childhood Traumas
Marc Platt - Everything Dies
Stephen Chopek - Unspoken Heroes
Mick Chick - Sleepwalking
Darren Deicide - The Year The Music Dies

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