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It's our annual Christmas podcast, with over an hour of indie, alternative, and punk holiday music. Enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, and thank you for listening.

LCars - Wet Bandit's Lament
Aquadolls - Christmas Wrapping
Chutzpah - Chanukah's The Bomb
Peachcake - What Happens When Santa's Sleigh Gets Lost
Peppermint Kicks - It's A Peppermint Christmas
The Weeklings - A Very Merry Christmas
The Yule Logs - Northpole 457899
Vista Blue - Santa Don't Pass Me By
Bright N Early - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Eye Spy - A Christmas Night
Canon Logic - Kiss Me On Christmas
The Connection - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
Gypsy Moths - Maybe This Christmas
Modesty Blaise - I'll Be Home For Christmas
Yawn Mower - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Two Inch Winky - All I Want For Christmas Is Beer
Winston Rauch - Jersey Christmas
Slow Club - Christmas Baby (Please Come Home)
Shane Cooley - Holidaze
Piney Gir - Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow
Prayer For Animals - Riptide Yuletide
The Sleepy Rebels - California Christmas
Neil Nathan - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Stop Calling Me Frank - Some Kind of Christmas
The Mynabirds - All I Want For Christmas Is Truth
Jim Testa - (It's Another) Covid Christmas


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The Front Bottoms - Voodoo Magic
The Great American Novel - This Will Not Be Our Year
Rockstar Racecar - Created A Monster
Precious Bones - All She Wants
The Happy Fits - Another Try
Dummy - Daffodils
Emperor of Ice Cream - Weather Vane
Dangereens - Streets Of Doom
The Kowalskis - I Love You
Parker Longbough - Fake Sinatra
Namesake - I'm Sick
Hippo Campus - Bad Dream Baby
The dt's - You With Me
Acid Tongue - All Out Of Time
Future Crib - Most Likely Never Going To Die
Hand Drawn Maps - Catch A Wave
Sweet Nobody - Other Humans
Pale Lips - Candy
mazie - I Think I Wanna Be Left Alone
Mr. Goblin - Left Before Your Set

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Jack Skuller - Only Getting Older
The Great American Novel - Grabbin' A Slice
The Clydes - Modern Girl
The Anderson Council - Girl Don't Tell Me
Gregory McLoughlin - Liftoff
Tom Barrett - Some Grow Wings
Vista Blue - Back To The Summer Olympics
Lauren Banjo - Hang In There
The Cheats - Rock N Roll Loveletter
Geoff Palmer - Tomorrow
Lysa Mychols & Super 8 - Don't Worry Baby
Thought Leaders - Jane Doe's Estate
Weekend Recovery - Yeah!
Los Chicos - The Prize
Bite Me Bambi - Our Lips Are Sealed
The Demographic - Descent
Woody & Jeremy - My Old Bassist
Richard Barone & Johnathan Pushkar - I Get Around
Colin Moulding - The Hardest Battle
Future Crib - Most Likely Never Going To Die
John LInnell - Haec Quoque Est Res
Jerry Lehane & Dicky Barrett - Drinking Life

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Rockstar Racecar - Rock N Roll In America
Capitalist Kids - Real Americans
The Credentials - I Killed 22 Iraquis And All I Got Was This Lousy Engineering Degree
The Mr. T Experience - God Bless America
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Drink American
The Stigmatics - American Dream
The Steve Adamyk Band - I Fought For The USA
Rick Barry - Stupid American Song
Cathedral Ceilings - Hamilton Circuits
The '94 Knicks - People You Know And People You May Not Know
Jack Skuller - Anyhow
LCARS - A Song For The Cicadas Of Brood X, 2021 (To You, In 17 Years)
Emergencies - Hurt Somebody
sonofdov - Reviver
aBIRD - Nothing Like Us
Disaster Party - Beige Turns Black
Turnpike Gates - City In Heat
Izzy True - New Fruit
Raincrowd - Can't We All Just Get Along
Nihilocerous - Iamananimal
Acid Tongue - Rock N Roll Revelations

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The Cucumbers - Do It Yourself
Dentist - Let Me Let Go
Last Minet - Don't Hold Back
Lastwaves - Stroke of Luck
Lost In Society - Say Anything
NO ICE - Frequency
Bathroom Of The Future - Watching Bill & Ted Outside
Geoff Palmer - Many More Drugs
Clowns - Does It Matter?
French Girls - Summertime
Beatnik Termites - Pet Shop Girl
American Television - American Jesus
Chelsea Curve - All In Time
Danny Laj & The Works - You & Me
Hard Nips - Alternative Dreamland
Irmans - I Wanna See You
Middle-Aged Queers - Size Queen
Talk Show Host - Warmest Condolences
Tim Foljahn - I Can't Decide
Virginity - Nosferattitude (The Vampire Song)
The Peppermint Sticks - Hey Fanzine!

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Editor Jim Testa interviews Ira Robbins on his new book Music In A Word, a combination anthology and memoir about his life and career as a music journalist.

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Mike Chick - "Pine Lake Park"
Keith Kenny - "Move Along"
Little Hag - "Walk Of Shame"
Darrin Bradbury - "Deanna, Deanna"
Ruby Bones - "Tired Eyes"
Oliver Ignatius - "Debris"
Devon Kay & The Solutions - "Liver"
Brad Marino - "Even The Score"
Hayley & The Crushers - "Kiss Me So I Can"
Hadda Be - Apathy
The Planes - Decoder Ring
Proper Nouns - Situation Done
Direct Hit! - Hollow Comfort
Hey Baby! - Walking Home
Prima Donna - He's A Rebel
IV - "WTW"
Hit Like A Girl - "Boardwalk"
Andy Bilinski - "Do What You Want"
The Shang Hi Los - "Stay"



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Anthony Walker - Stealin'
Andy Bilinski - Do What You Want
Annie Blackman - Why We Met
Luke Faust - Don't Seem Right
Laura Veira - The Panther
GRIM DEEDS - Born To Be Odd
Authority Zero - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free
The Bitty - Kurt Kobain
Chadd Derkins - Save The Whales
Kelly Sullivan - When The Waves Are Low
Rocky Rochelle - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love
Mikey Erg - Amy Left Me For An Emo Guy
Too Much Joy - That's The Way The World Goes Round
Eleventh Dream Day - Yves Klein's Blues
Blanketman - National Trust
Rebreather - Orange Crush
Smallpox - Driver 8
NO ICE - All Night
Songs For Snakes - Her Descent
Talk Show Host - Blood In The Sand
Big Rips - Planet Of Dipshits
Supermutt - Show Them Fangs


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Anthony Walker - Wolves Can Wait
Jon Klages - God Bless The Columbia House Record Club
Lake Street Drive - Being A Woman
Ruby Bones - Don't Lose Your Head
Whiner - Fear
The Challenged - Sleep On It
The Blips - Walking Home
Pale Lips - You're A Doll
The Neighborhood Brats - Who Took The Rain?
Classic Pat - Change Machine
Half Past Two - Mean Green
The Living Pins - Downtown
El No - Move In Twos
Hot Breath - What You're Looking For
The Nuclears - Siamese Connection
Triptides - Let It Go
Dana Why - Raspberries



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Dan McLane - Sad All Over
State Drugs - Rain King
The Challenged - Exposed
J Robbins - Automaticity
Lo Talker - No Champagne
Space Cadet - Bad Luck
Fatrace - Fun Fun Fun
The Right Here - Here We Go Again
Horsegirl - Sea Life Sandwich Boy
Brian Damage - Psycho Horny
Future Selves - The Hell With It
Proper Nouns - Known Unknowns
Carpool Tunnel - Better Now
The Cantenary Wires - Mirror Ball
Clever Girls - Remember Pluto
Ugli - House Pet
Hanalei - Screen Echoes
Too Much Joy - Uncle Watson Wants To Think
Steve Almaas - Goodbye Nicolina
The Rayo Bros. - Love Undead
Stephen Clair - When This Is All Over
Solstice Rey -Mountains
The Fleshtones - Alex Trebek

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Mikey Erg - Hey Marissa
Jennifer Blowdryer - Stole My Camera
Devon Kay & The Solutions - Frustrated People Of The World, Unite
Tiger's Jaw - New Detroit
Arrows To Fire - I'm Supersonic
The Authorities - Just An Excuse
The Cheap Cassettes - See Her In Action
The Clydes - The Fate of California
Har Mar Superstar - Where We Began
The Living Pins - Raven
Zebedee - Marlon Brando
The Camel City Blackouts - Angels
Commons2 - Hands
Bachelor - Anything At All
Palehound - How Long?
The Reds, Pinks & Purples - The Record Player & The Damage Done
Speed The Plough - Soul To Keep
The Vaughns - Bushwick
The Martha's Vineyard Ferries - After You
Mod Fun - I Am With You, Action Tyme, The Bulrushes (Bongos cover,) Titanic


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Jaake Margo - Rudy's Got The Roni
LCars - Town Without Streets
J Prozac - Number One
State Drugs - Beautiful & Broke
To The Helpless - Afraid Of Yourself
NRCSSST - Sinking
Trojan Warfare - Outlaw
Wizard Brain - 4 AM EST
Tri-State - Chapeaux
stillhungry - Best Costume Wins
Big Fang - Mondays
Chiba Neko - Built For Speed
Cold Expectations - Two Blueberries
Art d'Ecco - Head Rush
Amiture - Touch
Distant Voices - Lights Of The City
Aubrey Haddard - Portugese Red
Brett Altman - Holding On To Now
Reilly & Co. - Dirty F'ing Laundry
She's A Guy - I Don't Know
Kowalski's - First Date
The Heartdrops - Lesson Learned


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Mikey Erg - Rumblestrip
Brad Marino - What Do You Know?
Haley & The Crushers - Jacaranda
Dentist - Don't Let Me Catch You
Indonesian Junk - One More Try
FSHG - Love Is All That You Need
Adrian Danon - Romance Is Dead
Blue Vervain - North Carolina
Smallpox - #10 (Under Acme)
Terry McCarthy - Most Sorry
Speed The Plough - Broken Glass
Val Emmich - Massive Headache
Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans - Don't Let Me Catch You
Jordan Krimston - Betty
Leafing - Little Ball
Linnea's Garden - Non-Dramatic Breakup Song
Modesty Blaise - Girls Just Wanna Dance
NRCSSST - Sinkin
Peter Stampfel - Rave On

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Amy Rigby - Four years of u
Blue Vervain - North Carolina
Karen Haglof - Devastation Completed
Jon Caspi - She Is Fine
Val Emmich - Blue State
Jason Didner - Salt & Sand
Beeman & Bannon - Simple Twist of Fate
George Wirth - Jackson Girl
Mickey PG & The Overshare - Cardboard Box
Worm Quartet - Pacman Is 40 & So Are You
Cheekface - Emotional Rent Control
Deathray Davies - Oh Stars
The Gungans - She's Always Looking At Her Phone
Twin Flame - 7:50
Reconciler - Push To Break

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Amanda Rose Riley - Better Luck Next Year
Stuyvesant - Explorer
Sal Cannestra - A Little Dumb, A Little Cruel
Airport Dreaming - Seminar Prof Of The Year
Oliver Ignatius - To Hell With Good Intentions
Ritual Tension - I Can't Find The Party
Chrissy Roberts & Ralph Capasso - Stand By Me
The Great American Novel - Barstool Blues
Eddie Skuller - Rock On
Goodman - Shallow (Completely Shallow)
Shang Hi Los - Skipping Records
Slow Buildings - Fruit
Chaser - 2020
Belaver - Here It Comes
The Dirty Nil - One More And The Bill
George Wirth - Get Up Joe
Jason Paul & The Know It Alls - We Took The Risk
GRIM DEEDS - Unresolved Childhood Traumas
Marc Platt - Everything Dies
Stephen Chopek - Unspoken Heroes
Mick Chick - Sleepwalking
Darren Deicide - The Year The Music Dies

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