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On this episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast, Editor Jim Testa chats with Larry Livermore, co-founder and former co-owner of Lookout Records, author, and frontman of The Potatomen.

Don Giovanni Records has just released Toytown: Outtakes And Rarities, a collection of demos and other effluvia from the band that Livermore formed with his business partner and good friend Patrick Hayes and, a barely teenaged lad who called himself Tres Cool (whatever happened to him?)

Larry talks about both the Potatomen and the book he's currently working on, as well as some other remembrances and observations.

This episode includes the following songs:
The Mr. T Experience - "God Bless Lawrence Livermore"
The Potatomen - "Empty Inside"
The Potatomen - "Debra Jean"
The Potatomen - "The Day I Said Goodbye"
The Potatomen - "The Drunken Staircase"
The Potatomen - "Toytown"

The Potatomen catalog including Toytown: Outtakes & Rarities is available from

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