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Editor Jim Testa first chats with Gary Van Miert of  Jersey City's Sensational Country Blues Wonders about his new album, The World Will Break Your Heart.

Then Jim chats with Chip Heuisler, the owner of Tunes Records in Hoboken, which is celebrating it's 25th anniversary. Chip talks about surviving the changing climate of the music industry as well as weathering the pandemic.

And we have some songs for you...
Second Fiddle To A Steel Guitar
I'm Afraid of Every Goddamn Thing
My Baby Stabbed Me With A Steak Knife
by  The Sensational Country Blues Wonders

Record Shop, by Weston

Natives Of The Land, by Tommy Strazza
No Smoking, by Rick Barry
Bonfire Of The Manatees by Cathedral Ceilings
Too Many Groceries by Jeffrey Lewis


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Jersey Beat Podcast #180

Jeffrey Lewis - What A Party We're Gonna Have
Deena - Dance The Night Away
The False Positives - Closed Circuit TV Romance
Grim Deeds - Ignorance Is Bliss
Kurt Baker - I Like Her A Lot
French Girls - No Morals
Laura Jinn - I'm Driving To Target
Mal Blum - Nobody Wants
Ruthless Cosmopolitans - Make America Hate Again
RebUke - Hindsight 2020
Rick Barry - A Sincere Critique of 45
Bad Religion - What Are We Standing For?
Gregory McLoughlin - Boss Tweed
Oliver Ignatius (with Flower Face) - No Way Home
Anna McLellan - Desperate
Arrica Rose - Once In A Lullaby
Readymade Blakeup - My Universe
Kurt Vile (with John Prine) - How Lucky
Karyn Kuhl - I Feel Love



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