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Our look back at the best of 2006 continues with picks from Podcasts #14 through #26, although we start out with a holiday treat, a live track by yours truly recorded at Positively First Street in Carlstadt NJ just before Christmas...


The Festivus Song - JimTesta



Channels - To the New Mandarins


Matt Duke - The Love We'll Never Know


Report Suspicious Activity - Things We Lost In The Fire


Short Attention - Co-Ed Kelly #12


For Science - Kirsten Dunst



The Unlovables - Fuck The World

Short Attention - Double Deuce


Jeffrey Lewis - Sal's Pizza

Tris McCall - An Ass of You And Me


The Anderson Council - Pinkerton's Assorted Colors

Val Emmich - Decadent Decline


Rachel Zamsteen - 1984


The Backbeat - Just So You Know

The Consequence - Break Out & Take It  To The Floor



The Asst Principals - Space Monster



The Zatopeks - Death && The Hobo


Kevin Devine - The Burning City Smoke
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You can now hear the Jersey Beat podcast on Insubordination Radio,  Fridays at 7 pm, followed by Ben Weasel's Waubesa Radio at 8 pm.

This week we look back at the first 13 Jersey Beat podcasts, from April to September 2006, with some of our  favorite tracks and commentary.

Fundamental - All The Pretty Kids

Full Minute Of Mercury- That Song (Is Stuck In My Head)

The Rudds - Oh No (They're Gonna Make Another One)

Billionaire Boys Club - Quittin' Drinking

Aiming For Angels - Face Of The Razorblade

Hysterics - Uptight Staircase

The Knockouts - Where Has Rock N Roll Gone

Majestic Twelve - Condoleeza, Check My Posse

Hero Pattern - Don't Even Miss Me

The Copyrights - Cashiers

The Tattle Tales - Lucky Girl

The Steinways - Why Don't Jewish Girls Like Me

The Ergs! - Radio K

Perfuma - Bellville

Dead Mechanical - Guantanamo Calling

Dr Frank - I Wanna Ramone You

Postmark Twain - Running In Circles

Intro: "Do It Yourself" by the Cucumbers
Outro: "Visiting Hours" by LandSpeedRecord
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Jersey Beat Podcast 26:  The Jersey Beat Podcast Christmas Show

What You Wanted For Christmas - The AV Club

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - John Prine

Christmas With This Girl - The Catholic Girls

Feels Like Christmas - Boxcar Nancy

Christmas Time - The dB's

This Christmas - Dismemberment Plan

Holiday Hootenanny - Paul & Paula

Frosty The Snowman - The Ronettes

All I Want For Christmas Is A Beatle - Dora Bryan 

The Christmas Song - Alex Chilton

Father Christmas -  Billy

We're Gonna Have A Devo Christmas - The Ergs!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas -  John Denver & The Muppets

A very happy holiday season to you all, and our sincere thanks to all of the artists we played on this program, as well as our special guests,  Pee Wee Herman and Jean Shepherd (from his Christmas 1972 reading of "Duel In The Snow, or, Red Ryder Nails The Cleveland Street Kid.")

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A cornucopia of year-end releases fills our early Xmas stocking of musical goodness this week:

Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio - Greg Attonito (Brats On The Beat)

What You're Wasting - Status Green

409 - Bewitched

Wake Up - Mad Happy

Do Re My Life Away - Even In Blackouts

Jonny - God Damn Doo Wop Band

Record Store Renegade - Bankrupt

Statesir Place - Infinite Detour

Happy Together - Loop And Kara

Just So You Know - The Backbeat - The Steinways

Old Man Conroy - Grover Kent

Sweethearts At 17 - The AV Club

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