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Our look back at the best of 2006 continues with picks from Podcasts #14 through #26, although we start out with a holiday treat, a live track by yours truly recorded at Positively First Street in Carlstadt NJ just before Christmas...


The Festivus Song - JimTesta



Channels - To the New Mandarins


Matt Duke - The Love We'll Never Know


Report Suspicious Activity - Things We Lost In The Fire


Short Attention - Co-Ed Kelly #12


For Science - Kirsten Dunst



The Unlovables - Fuck The World

Short Attention - Double Deuce


Jeffrey Lewis - Sal's Pizza

Tris McCall - An Ass of You And Me


The Anderson Council - Pinkerton's Assorted Colors

Val Emmich - Decadent Decline


Rachel Zamsteen - 1984


The Backbeat - Just So You Know

The Consequence - Break Out & Take It  To The Floor



The Asst Principals - Space Monster



The Zatopeks - Death && The Hobo


Kevin Devine - The Burning City Smoke
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You can now hear the Jersey Beat podcast on Insubordination Radio,  Fridays at 7 pm, followed by Ben Weasel's Waubesa Radio at 8 pm.

This week we look back at the first 13 Jersey Beat podcasts, from April to September 2006, with some of our  favorite tracks and commentary.

Fundamental - All The Pretty Kids

Full Minute Of Mercury- That Song (Is Stuck In My Head)

The Rudds - Oh No (They're Gonna Make Another One)

Billionaire Boys Club - Quittin' Drinking

Aiming For Angels - Face Of The Razorblade

Hysterics - Uptight Staircase

The Knockouts - Where Has Rock N Roll Gone

Majestic Twelve - Condoleeza, Check My Posse

Hero Pattern - Don't Even Miss Me

The Copyrights - Cashiers

The Tattle Tales - Lucky Girl

The Steinways - Why Don't Jewish Girls Like Me

The Ergs! - Radio K

Perfuma - Bellville

Dead Mechanical - Guantanamo Calling

Dr Frank - I Wanna Ramone You

Postmark Twain - Running In Circles

Intro: "Do It Yourself" by the Cucumbers
Outro: "Visiting Hours" by LandSpeedRecord
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Jersey Beat Podcast 26:  The Jersey Beat Podcast Christmas Show

What You Wanted For Christmas - The AV Club

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - John Prine

Christmas With This Girl - The Catholic Girls

Feels Like Christmas - Boxcar Nancy

Christmas Time - The dB's

This Christmas - Dismemberment Plan

Holiday Hootenanny - Paul & Paula

Frosty The Snowman - The Ronettes

All I Want For Christmas Is A Beatle - Dora Bryan 

The Christmas Song - Alex Chilton

Father Christmas -  Billy

We're Gonna Have A Devo Christmas - The Ergs!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas -  John Denver & The Muppets

A very happy holiday season to you all, and our sincere thanks to all of the artists we played on this program, as well as our special guests,  Pee Wee Herman and Jean Shepherd (from his Christmas 1972 reading of "Duel In The Snow, or, Red Ryder Nails The Cleveland Street Kid.")

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A cornucopia of year-end releases fills our early Xmas stocking of musical goodness this week:

Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio - Greg Attonito (Brats On The Beat)

What You're Wasting - Status Green

409 - Bewitched

Wake Up - Mad Happy

Do Re My Life Away - Even In Blackouts

Jonny - God Damn Doo Wop Band

Record Store Renegade - Bankrupt

Statesir Place - Infinite Detour

Happy Together - Loop And Kara

Just So You Know - The Backbeat - The Steinways

Old Man Conroy - Grover Kent

Sweethearts At 17 - The AV Club

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Jersey Beat Podcast 24

Some new music from New Jersey and environs, some pop punk from a few old favorites, and the perfect song to get you ready for the holiday shopping season.

Running Out of Ramones -  Grover Kent 
Damn All Your Sails -  Perfuma 
MK Ultra - Exit Clov 
What You Did Last Night - Four Miles Out 
Everybody Loves Venice -  Logjam 
Smoke Over The Grove - Thomas Martin & The Martinis 
I Can't Wait - Plastiq Passion 
Dont Move To Brooklyn -  Umberto 
Wasteaway - Sludgeworth 
Why Should I - Beat Beat Beat
Do It USSR - The Lillingtons
Hampton Beach (live) - The Riverdales 
Christmas Wrapping (live) - The Waitresses

Visit and for more information.



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Jersey Beat Podcast 23: Kevin Devine Interview & Podcast Premier

Our podcast this week begins with a brief excerpt of our interview with singer/songwriter Kevin Devine, and ends with the podcast debut of "The Burning City Smoke" from Kevin's new Capitol Records release, "Put Your Ghost To Rest."  Plus lots more fun too...

Kevin Devine - No Time Flat  (Split The Country, Split The Streets)

Langhorne Slim  - Restless ( Sessions)

Jack & Jeffrey Lewis - Anxiety Attack  (City Eastern Songs)

Loose - Black Widow  (demo)

Joe Whyte - Linden to LA  (demo)

Rachel Zamsteen - Drought  (Bouquet)

Mod Fun -  Hangin' Round  (Past Forward - Best of Mod Fun)

The Parasites - Hang Up  (Retro Pop Remasters - Best of the Parasites)

The Ergs! - everything falls apart (and more) (Dorkrockcorkrod)

Kevin Devine -  The Burning City Smoke (Put Your Ghost To Rest)


Intro - Do It Yourself by The Cucumbers

Outro- Visiting Hours by LandSpeedRecords


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Jersey Beat Podcast 22:  Meet It's Alive Records

Jersey Beat editor Jim Testa interviews Adam Alive, co-owner of Orange, CA's  It's Alive Records, and talks about the label's exciting catalog of terrific pop/punk 7-inch EPs.  We also please these It's Alive releases:

An interview with Adam Alive, co-owner of SoCal's 7-inch EP label It's Alive Records.

Death && The Hobo - Zatopeks


Help Me Stay Awake -  The Copyrights


Can't Believe I Ever Let You Go - The Apers


I Wonder... - The Prototipes


American Girl - the Popsters


Bloodbath At Burger King - Teenage Bottlerocket


Elvis Has Left The Building - The Manges


Our Turn - The Copyrights

Visit It's Alive Records at


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Jersey Beat Podcast 21: Happy Halloween (again?)

We had a little problem with our syndication. Some of you might have gotten a promo instead of this episode.  Some of you might be getting this episode twice.  Well, listen to this one, it's better!

Trick or Treat!!

Spooky, scary tricks and treats for Halloween... Zombies, vampires, werewolves, invaders from outer space, and all manner of monsters!  Songs by <a href="">Alice Donut,</a> <a href="">Slaughterhouse 4</a>, <a href="">Grover Kent</a>, <a href="">the Ergs</a>, <a href="">Screeching Weasel</a>, <a href="">The Lillingtons</a>, <a href="">The Assistant Principals</a>, <a href="">The Vindictives,</a>  and more

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Jersey Beat Podcast 21:  Run For Cover!  It's Halloween!!!

A spooky scary podcast Halloween podcast with tricks and treats from Alice Donut, Slaughterhouse 4, Grover Kent, the Ergs, Screeching Weasel, The Lillingtons, The Assistant Principals, The Vindictives, and more....


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Jersey Beat Podcast 21: Run For Covers!  It's Halloween!!

Spooky, scary tricks and treats for Halloween... Zombies, vampires, werewolves, invaders from outer space, and all manner of monsters!  Songs by Alice Donut, Slaughterhouse 4, Grover Kent, the Ergs, Screeching Weasel, The Lillingtons, The Assistant Principals, The Vindictives,  and more....

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Jersey Beat Podcast 20: The MySpace Chronicles, Vol. 1 Death Or Stereo - Fretwide




The Difference Between Girlsfriends - Threeve


Walking on a Thin Line - The Four Eyes


Breakout -  The Consquence

Oh Baby - The Poster Boys



Panic Attack - Val Emmich



Threat Of A Permanent Record - Ben Trovato


Dancing with Joey Ramone - Amy Rigby


"Visiting Hours" outro by LandSpeedRecord!
"DIY" theme song by The Cucumbers

Visit us online at

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Jersey Beat Podcast #19

Wake Up - Tim Armstrong (

Blue Light - The Beggarstaffs (

The Only One Lonely - Val Emmich (

Your Way -  Matt Colligan (

Invisible -  Souls Release (

Merry-Go-Round - John Raido (

Joey's Song - Kitty Kowalski & The Manges (

USA Out Of NYC - The Bamboo Kids (

What We Hate - Screeching Weasel (

So Far From Paradise - The Knockouts (

Intro:  Do It Yourself  - The Cucumbers

Outro:  Visiting Hours - LandSpeedRecord

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Jersey Beat Podcast 18:  Jersey Rocks...Then & Now

Wow, what a show!!

First, a look back at two of the most important bands of NJ's new-wave era, Mod Fun and The Bongos. Then we've got three - count 'em - three exclusive podcast debuts from Val Emmich, Hero Pattern, and The Milwaukees.  We finish up with some new music that's tickled our fancy recently.  Let's rock!

I Am With You - Mod Fun
Glow In The Dark (Live)  - The Bongos
Pinkerton's Assorted Colors - The Anderson Council
In The Congo - The Bongos
The Bulrushes - Mod Fun
Decadent Decline - Val Emmich
Don't Even Miss Me - Hero Pattern
Breakup Song - the Milwaukees
Jupiter - Thomas Martin & The Martinis
Leave It All Behind - Postmark Twain
Blank Ammunition - The Challenged

Intro:  "DIY" by The Cucumbers
Outro: "Visiting Hours" by LandSpeedRecord

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Jersey Beat Podcast 17:  Now Entering Brooklyn

Now entering Brooklyn, Population: 20000 bands.
Songs about Brooklyn and/or by Brooklyn bands.

Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror - Jack & Jeffrey Lewis 

Williamsburg - Palomar

Knife City - Plastic East

Brooklyn - Atomic Missiles

Polyester - Eisenhower

Waiting For My Man - G-Whiz

Williamsburg  - BonaRoba

And So My Troubles Began - The Negatones

Colonial Williamsburg - Tris McCall & The New Jack Trippers

Bombs Over Brooklyn - Love Equals Death

Brooklyn - Dave Calamoneri

Intro:   "DIY" by The Cucumbers
Outro:   "Visiting Hours" by LandSpeedRecord

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Jersey Beat Podcast 16- Carlapalooza

A salute to the first annual Carlapalooza, an all-day, all-ages punk rock benefit for multiple sclerosis, featuring The Ergs!, the Krays, the Steinways, the Unlovables, the Hot Cops, Nancy, and many more.


For more information, visit the Carlapalooza website at



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Jersey Beat Podcast 15: It's a Beautiful Day For A Podcast... Let's Play Two!

We were so impressed by this month's crop of new singer/songwriter CD's that we decided to break with podcast tradition and play two songs by every artist instead of just one.

New and sometimes unreleased music by John Raido, Jeffrey Lewis, Matt Duke, The Damien Pratt, The Ropes, and The Cucumbers.


For more information, visit


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Jersey Beat Podcast #14 - Remembering 9/11

Songs about, remembering, or commenting on the aftermath of September 11, 2001

To The New Mandardins - Channels

Cheney Pie -  Draft Riots

Things We Lost In The Fire - Report Suspicious Activity

Are You Ready - The Majestic Twelve 

Commuter's Prayer - Tris McCall

No Time Flat - Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band

Goodnight Twin Towers - Kenyata Sullivan

Carla - Jim Testa with John Raido


Intro: "Do It Yourself" by the Cucumbers

Visit us on the web at




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Jersey Beat Podcast #13 -  Bad Luck? Pah!!

DIY by The Cucumbers

No Backbone - The Lemonheads

Penny On The Train Track - Ben Kweller

Trouble In River City - The Ergs

God Bless Lawrence Livermore - The Mr. T Experience

Moving To New Jersey - Fish Karma 

Running in Circles - Postmark Twain

Talk Louder - David Ippolito

Only Anarchists Are Pretty - The World/Inferno Friendship Society

Garden State Parkway Boogie - Holme

The Story - Son Of A Gun

Have Fun Suckers - Harlan Rock Frenzy

Visiting Hours - LandSpeedRecord

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Jersey Beat Podcast #12:  A Salute To Jean Shepherd Jean Shepherd was the screenwriter and narrator of the classic holiday film "A Christmas Story," as well as an author and  television personality.  But to a small legion of dedicated fans, he will always be remembered for his radio show on WOR, which consisted of Shep bending his listeners' ears with a seemingly endless and fascinating collection of stories from his childhood, his days in the army, and his observations of modern society.    On what would have been his 85th birthday, we salute Jean Shepherd with this retrospective, which includes an interview with Eugene Bergmann, author of "Excelsior You Fathead! The Art & Enigma Of Jean Shepherd," which examines Shepherd's life,  career, and legacy as one of America's pre-eminent humorists.
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Jersey Beat Podcast #11: What's New?

Lots of new music!

The Slaughterhouse Four - "Goodbye Black Cloud"
The Leftovers - "I Don't Really Love You"
For Science - "Love Batteries"
Jeff Solomon - "Temporary Song"
Drew Hawthorne - "We'll Stick Together"
Dr. Frank - "I Wanna Ramone You"
Mod Fun - "Leaving Here"
The Anderson Council - "Strawberry Smell"
Hysterics - "Do It Again"

Intro - The Cucumbers, "Do It Yourself"
Outro - LandSpeedRecord - "Visiting Hours"

Also visit our other websites:
JerseyBeat Blog





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Jersey Beat Podcast #10 - Anti-4th Of July Show

Celebrating our nation's independence with songs from the American indie underground. Our country, right or wrong:  When right, to be kept right; when wrong, to be set right.

Dead Mechanical - Guantanamo Calling
Bouncing Souls - Letter From Iraq
Nancy - Killing Ourselves
The Successful Failures - Letting The Terrorists Win
Rick Barry - A Stupid American Song
Bright Eyes - When The President Talks To God
Bad Religion - American Jesus
Dr. Frank - Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy
The Visitations - Questionable Intelligence
Tris McCall - Robert Menendez, Basta Ya!

Intro:  Do It Yourself by The Cucumbers
Outro: Visiting Hours by Land Speed Record

Visit us on the web at








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Jersey Beat Podcast #9: A Salute To New Jersey

A salute to the Garden State - songs about the great state of New Jersey.


Dave Melillo - "Morris County Blues"  ("Talk Is Cheap" EP)
Alice Donut - "New Jersey Exit" (Donut Comes Alive)
Perfuma - "Bellville" ("The Black Lung Sessions" EP)
Jason Didner - "You Can't Get There From Here In Jersey" (demo)
Kohuff - "Belly Full Of Fat Bitch" (demo)
Cordelia's Dad - "Jersey City" (Comet)
Tris McCall - "NJ Dept. of Public Works" (live)  (
Sudden Death - "New Jersey Lifestyle" (Fatal Accident Zone)
Melting Hopefuls - "New Jersey" (Coolidge 50)
Tris McCall & The New Jack Trippers - "Lucky 13" (I'm Assuming You're All In Bands: Tris McCall In Brooklyn)

Intro theme: "Do It Yourself" by The Cucumbers
Outro theme: "Visiting Hours" by LandSpeedRecord

Visit for more information




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Jersey Beat Podcast#8 - Insubordination Records Pop Punk Fest

Insubordination Records is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a 3-day punk festival in Baltimore, MD on June 16-18.   Since tickets are sold out, we're bringing you a preview of what will be doing down at the fest - 19 of the catchiest pop/punk bands around!

Screeching Weasel - "Cool Kids"  (opening theme)
Beatnik Termites - "Rock All Night" (Cleveland)
Delay - "Kerplunk!" (Columbus, OH)
The Steinways - "Carrie Goldberg" (Queens, NY)
The Varsity Weirdos - "Codependency" (Monckton, NB Canada)
The Hot Cops - "Ok, I Get It" (NJ)
Johnie 3 - "Peggy Sue" (Youngstown OH)
The Ergs! - "Ben Kweller" (NJ)
Pea Shooter - "Do You Know" (Gettysburg PA)
The Unloveables ' "Feelin' All Emo (Since I Broke Up With You)" - NYC
The Copyrights - "Cashier's" (Carbondale IL)
Tokyo Super Fans - "Message Board Romance" (NYC)
The Apers - "Too Many Backpacks At The Show" (Rotterdam)
The Peabodys - "Man With The Teenager's Brain" (Portland OR)
The Tattle Tales - "Lucky Girl" - Nyack NY
Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine - "Save It For The Van"
The Prozacs - "What They Say" (Springfield MA)
Slaughterhouse 4 - "I Won't Repent" (NYC)
The Stabones - "Drunken Express" (Charlottesville VA)
The AV Club - "Midnight Bus" (New Haven, CT)

Visit Jersey Beat online at

Outro theme: "Visiting Hours" by LandSpeedRecord





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Jersey Beat Podcast #7 - All New Stuff!

New, unreleased, or so recent that you probably haven't heard it yet: Jersey Beat Podcast #7 has all new stuff!!

Bouncing Souls - "The Pizza Song" (The Gold Record, Epitaph)
RockDownBaby - "Soul Connection" (Love & Sex & RockNRoll)
The Ergs! - "Radio K"  (Jersey's Best Prancers, Don Giovanni Records)
Even In Blackouts - "The Writer" (Zeitgeist's Echo)
Nina57 - "Not My Home" (Nina57 demo, 2006)
What About Frank? - "Dead Wrong" (Dec Demos)
Angry Monsters - "Jeanette Lee"
Tris McCall - "Remember The 90's" (I'm Assuming You're All In Bands)

Our theme songs:

Intro: "Do It Yourself" by The Cucumbers
Outro: "Visiting Hours" by LandSpeedRecord




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Jersey Beat Podcast #6 - W.E. Fest 2006!

It's Memorial Day Weekend and that means it's time for W.E. Fest - The Wilmington Exchange Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina.  We play songs by several of the artists playing this year's festival and look back at some favorites from W.E. Fests past:

Aviso'Hara - "Bradley Wake Up"
Stuyvesant - "Ode To Bish"
Hero Pattern - "Don't Even Miss Me"
Andy Bilinski - "Paper Airplane"
Sabado Domingo - "Morning To Nighttime"
Olivia Mancini & The Housemates - "I Wouldn't Worry"
The Majestic Twelve - "Condoleeza, Check My Posse"
Ape Fight - "You Think We Suck"
The Funeral Crashers - "Safe"
Nuees Ardentes - "Can I Keep You"
Godboy - "My Balls"
LandSpeedRecord! - "Interoffice Copulation"
Smarty Pants - "Smarty Pants Dance Party"
Prosolar Mechanics - "Dive"
Jim Testa & The W.E. Fest AllStars - "The W.E. Fest Song"

For more information about all of these artists and about W.E. Fest 2006, visit

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Jersey Beat Podcast #5 - "All Ages Show"

Jersey Beat Podcast #5 - All Ages Show

Featuring artists 21 years old or younger, with unreleased,  exclusive tracks from NYC's Hysterics and CT's The Knockouts.

"Uptight Staircase" - Hysterics
"Tell" - Look Look
"Where Has Rock N Roll Gone?" - The Knockouts
"Posterboy" - Jersey Calling
"Take It Back!" - Delay
"The Living North" - Joseph Ferocious
"My True Step" - Tin Armour
"Banana Split" - The Tattle Tales
"Don't Kill The Messenger" - Augmented
"Born To Crawl" - Anthony Fiumano

Our intro theme song is "Do It Yourself" by The Cucumbers and our outro theme is "Visiting Hours" by LandSpeedRecord!


Also please visit our parent site,



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Jersey Beat Podcast #4 - Swinging Into Spring No show last week but we're back with a bang this time around, with an exclusive unreleased song from Val Emmich; new music from The Tattle Tales, Cash For Gold, Aiming For Angels, and Tim Fite; an old favorite from Cropduster; and a record review of This Is Pat Dinizio, the new solo joint from the Smithereens' lead singer.
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Jersey Beat Podcast #3 - "Exile On Grove Street" Jersey Beat visits Jersey City for some of Chilltown's best indie bands.

1. Intro - "Do It Yourself" by the Cucumbers
2. Crushmore - "Save The Fattest Girl For Me"
3. Billionaire Boys Club - "Quittin' Drinkin'"
4. The Black Hollies - "No Need To Be Rude"
5. Rye Coalition - "Burn The Masters"
6. The Milwaukees - "Moonshaker"
7. Spent - "Landscaper"
8. Spent - "Under False Eyelids"
9. Tris McCall - "Mad About Us"
10. Jim Testa - "Carla"
11. LandSpeedRecord - "Visiting Hours"

Remember -- support local bands, buy what you listen to, and read fanzines!

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Jersey Beat Podcast #2 - Music About Music

Jersey Beat Podcast #2 - Music About Music

Songs about collecting records, listening to music, being in bands, closing time, and all the other stuff we music obsessives obsess about.

New music from Ben Krieger, Full Minute of Mercury, The Rudds, and Whiskey & Co., an old favorite from Worm Quartet, and a Jersey Beat timewarp visit with Boss Jim Gettys.

Visit us on the web at and check out Jersey Beat fanzine at



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Jersey Beat Podcast #1

Welcome to the Jersey Beat podcast.  On our first episode, we feature music from Fundamental, Stuyvesant, Billionaire Boys Club, the Impulse!, Augmented, bob fields, Screaming Females, and LandSpeedRecord.  Visit us online at and check our zine at

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