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The Hextalls - "I'm A Recluse"  Get Smashed
The Measure SA - "Hit The Ground Running"  Measure/OWTH  7" EP
Off With Their Heads - "Headlights...Ditch!"  Let Them Know compilation
The Side Project - "I Don't Think So"   New Brain 7" EP
Ted Leo - "Outdoor Minor"
The Used Kids - "I Miss My Records"  Yeah No
Goldishack Guerillas - "Fat Lazy Stupid American"  War
Direct Hit! - "Snickers or Reese's (Pick Up The Pieces)"   #4
The Hamiltons - "Tearin' Tickets To Kuwait"  Don't Mess Up 7" EP
Cletus - "Canada"  Protein Packed
North Lincoln - "Sick Of Sorrys"  7" EP
Homewreckers - "Bad Decisions"  7" EP
The Manix - "Metal Endings"  Van Activities 7" EP
Nervous System - "Sometimes I'm A Verb"  Needs Medicine 12"
Sick Sick Brains - "Revolt (With Perfect Spelling)"  Chemical Trains 7" EP
The Thumbs - "Made For TV"  The Thumbs
The Steinways - "Black Lung"  AOTU 7"
7 Seconds - "Sink With California"  Let Them Known compilation
The Max Levine Ensemble - "You're Art Monk & I'm Telling Everyone" Ben Weasel 7" EP
Screeching Weasel - "Bottom Of The Ninth"  Teen Punks In Heat
Barrakuda McMurder - "Grace/Period"  More Songs About Girlfriends & Volcanoes 7" EP
Full Of Fancy - "Breathsaver"  FoF/Dead Mechanical 7" EP

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