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Jaded Azurites - "Break Up"
The Jersey Beat Podcast Theme Song (by Jack Skuller)
Bob Mould - "American Crisis"
Dawn Oberg - "Mitch McConnell"
The Dirty Knobs - "Lockdown Part II"
Goodman - "Brave New World"
Rachel Lark - "The World's Really Fucked"
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - "Vote The Fucker Out"

Ezra Caspi - "Mice In The Sound Hole"
Daniel Romano - "A Rat Without A Tale"
Blue Vervain - "American"
Emily Li - "Autopilot"
Chaser - "Found Myself Again"
Angora Debs - "B Side"
The Gypsy Moths" - "We Can't Go Home"
Jay Allen & The Arch Criminals - "Grow Some Stones"
Teenage Halloween - "Sweat"
Speed The Plough - "Rush Hour"
Tiphanie Doucet - "You And I"
Sky Furrows - "The Mind Runs A Race & Falls Down"
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Fairmont - "High Water Mark"
Jay Della Valle - "The Van Song"
Well Wisher - "Halfway Heart"
MOD FUN - "Day After Day"
The Pine Barons - "Sputter"
Nick Rifken - "Disco Girl"
Lunch Box - "Gary Of The Academy"
The Lemon Drop Gang - "Georgie"
The Cocktails - "Nobody's Going To The Movies"
Kurt Baker - "Over You"
dan bryk - "bigger than you"
Blacks Beach Boys - "HGTV In HD"
Bad Wires - "You Call This Lupus?"
Jamie Frey - "Rebel Girl"
The Mortars - "Hoboken"
GRIM DEEDS - "Joe Don't Listen To Judas Priest"
Joy Cleaner - "Nervous Purr"
Lesser Creatures - "Stephanie Jean"
The Campbell Apartment - "Seaside Hts, NJ"

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