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My guest is Frank Portman, the singer, guitarist, and songwriter of The Mr. T Experience.
On the podcast, Dr. Frank (as he's affectionately known to fans) discusses the decades of
work that went into the new best-of compilation, MTX Forever.  We also talk about Frank's
career as an author of Young Adult fiction, the death of the music industry, his songwriting process, and lots more.

Songs heard on this episode:
I Wrote A Book About Rock N Roll (MTX Forever)
The History Of The Concept Of The Soul (MTX Forever)
With My Looks And Your Brains (Revenge Is Sweet... And So Are You)
Hell Of Dumb (MTX Forever)
High School Is The Penalty For Transgressions Yet Specified (King Dork Approximately: The Album)
London (MTX Forever)

Sounds Radical Records
Dr, Frank's Blog

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The Components - Last Caress (digital single)

NO ICE - Dweeb (digital single)

21 Kings - Radio Days (digital single)

The Holy Smokes - Lips Shut Tight

Lowlight - Give It A Minute

The Neverends - Party Boi

The Front Bottoms - Camouflage (digital single)

American Television -Wasteland

The Flatmates - Punk Moth

GRIM DEEDS - Musicians Are The Worst People In The World

The Huntingtons - The Breakup Song

The Prom Dates - Substitute Teacher

Rockstar Racecar - Bloomfield Unlimited

The Hi End - The Way She Moves Me

Nat Freedberg - Play With The Devil

The Warhawks - Deliver

Notches - Room Upstairs

The Livermores - PP Is A Spy

Seattle Stomp - Great Unknown

Victims of Circumstance - Never Have I Ever

The Real Impossibles - All Over The World

Muck & The Mires - Cupid

Rockstar Races - Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robotos

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