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The Connection - It's All Right
Kurt Baker - The Problem
The All About - High School Kids (Bum Me Out)
Black Water - Kaleidoscope
The Great American Novel - Vonnegut & Morrissey
Mikey Erg - The Art of Stupidity
Night Birds - Sex Tape
The Men - Open Your Heart
Black Wine - Couch Critics
Minor Threat - Salad Days
Ceremony - Quarantine
Goin' Places - Nobody Gives A Shit About Us
Mr. T Experience - Dumb Little Band
Smoking Popes - Punk Band
Tim Carroll - That's Rock N Roll
J Roddy Walston & The Business - Don't Break The Needle
Aspiga - Laughing This Off
The Copyrights - Straight To The Office
The Gooningtons - I Took A Monkey To The Sadie Hawkins Dance
The Boys Club - Bleeding, TX
Youth Brigade - Sink With Kalifornija

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