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Jersey Beat Podcast #151: Happy Holidays

Prayer For Animals - Riptide Yuletide
Yawn Mower - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
The Connection - Merry Christmas Baby (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)

The Front Bottoms - ChristmasWrapping
Diamond Rugs - Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant
John Prine - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Tom Lehrer - I'm Spending Hanukkah In Santa Monica

Mac & Tomato - I Don't Wanna See Grandma This Christmas
Winston Rauch - Jersey Christmas
Anna Vogelzang - Christmas Baby (Please Come Home)
The Brofloskis - Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel
Ethan Lipton - Gift Basket
The Boy Least Likely - Christmas Isn't Christmas
The Dollyrots - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Dream Diary - Christmas All Over
The Yule Logs -Northpole 45789

Piney Gir - Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow
Phofo - Light That Menorah
The Mynabirds - All I Want  Is Truth For Christmas
The Gripweeds - Christmas Bring Us

Canon Logic  - Kiss Me On Christmas
Musket - Christmas Blow
Chutzpah - Hanukkah's The Bomb
Neil Nathan - SantaClaus Is Coming To Town

Scott Miller - Joyful, Joyful
The Electric Six - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Dig That Crazy Santa Claus
The Kinks - Father Christmas
Brian Cullman - New Year's Eve
Ghostpal - A Christmas Gift For You

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On this episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast, editor Jim Testa shares some of his favorite new music from the tail end of 2016.

Kevin Devine - No History
Lilah Larson - Father Daughter Ghost
Manchez - War Is All Over
Ex-Mothers - Neon Drones
Rick Barry - Humming Bird Song
Richard Barone - Learning The Game
Peter Stampfel & The Brooklyn & Lower Manhattan Fiddle/Mandolin Swarm -
    New Johnnie Get Your Gun
Pinegrove - Visiting
Darren Deicide - Boom Power Boogie
The Paranoid Style - Daniel In The Basement
Tuffy - Walter Says To Use A Hammer
Risk Relay - My Weight Disappearing
Active Bird Community - Newbie
Tri-State - Start Again
TV Sound - Klaus Kinski
Grim Deeds - Savage Remains
The Rock N Roll Hi-Fives - (You Got Me) Tongue-Tied

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Our guest on this episode is Rookie Rochelle, bassist of Long Island's The Young Rochelles, who talks about the enduring influence of the Ramones, pop-punk, and the Long Island punk scene.

We also play the following tracks from The Young Rochelles:

"Not Any Use"
"Stay-At-Home Man"
"Cannibal Island"
"I Need My Mommy To Do My Laundry"
"Psycho Therapy"

For more information, visit the Young Rochelles on Facebook or at

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Jersey Beat Podcast #148

Our guest for this episode is Mark Segal of Atom Driver, a New Brunswick supergroup of sorts featuring Mike Polilli (Buzzkill,) Jay Ingstrup (Doc Hopper, Break Evens,) and Mark, who is best known for his tenure in Boss Jim Gettys.

Mark talks about his new band and discusses the New Brunswick music scene of the Nineties.  We also present three demos from Atom Driver as well as a playlist from the Golden Age of the New Brunswick scene, with tracks from Boss Jim Gettys, Bionic Rhoda, Buzzkill, bobfields, Aviso'Hara, Prosolar Mechanics, Love Gas, and the Milwaukees.

Atom Driver will be a guest on WFMU's Overnight Sensations program on Friday, October 28 at midnight.

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The Romantic Comedy - The Thirst
Damfino - If You Want Me
YJY - Through Being Hip
Stuyvesant - Waiting To Be Cool Again
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Have A Heart
The Mr. T Experience - King Dork Approximately
Four Lights - Death To False Posi
The '94 Knicks - Don't Worry
Beach Slang - Spin The Dial
Jacuzzi Boys - Boys Like Blood
The Moms - Road Soda
Phonoscenes - Don't Think Too Much
Kandel - Judy
The Hood Cat - East River Jive
Light Years - Atlantic City
Shilpa Ray - When Doves Cry
The Growlers - City Club
Bullet Proof Lovers - It'll Be Alright
Poor Lily - Penknife
Lowlight - Lines In The Road

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On this episode of the podcast, editor Jim Testa chats with Chris Freeman of Pansy Division about the gay punk band's remarkable 25th anniversary, their new album "Quite Contrary," and the band's legacy in the gay community and beyond.

Pansy Division will be at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn on Saturday, Sept. 24



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On the latest JB podcast, we chat with Val Emmich, a veteran NJ musician who's just released  Whatever's Chasing You.  Val also talks about his career as an actor, including his recurring role on HBO's controversial "Vinyl," and he also tells us a bit about his forthcoming debut novel.

This episode features the following Val Emmich tracks:

I Want To Hang Out
Bedtime Regrets
Nobody Makes It On Their Own
Absolutely Still
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You You
Change Of Scenery
Privacy Attracts A Crowd

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Glueboy - Foot Soldier
'94 Knicks - Marky's Dilemma
Big Cheese - Crack Yr Whip

NO ICE - We Get High Together
Bouncing Souls - Up To Us
The Hellstroms - I Hate Your Mom
Grim Deeds - Audrey Has Autism
The Fleshtones - Rick Wakeman's Cape
NOFX - Six Years On Dope
Masked Intruders - Running From The Cops
YJY - Summer Lifeguard
The Paranoid Style - The Ambassador's Morning Lift

Sophe Lux & The Mystic - Love Is Waiting
LADY - Realize
Eros & The Eschaton - Center Of The World
Val Emmich - Nobody Makes It On Their Own

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Jim Testa's guest on JB Podcast #143 is Peter Horvath, lead singer and guitarist of New Brunswick's Anderson Council, a psychedelic pop band that's just released a primer of old and new tracks entitled Assorted Colours (on the reborn Jem Records.)

On the podcast, you'll hear the following tracks from Assorted Colours:

Pinkerton's Assorted Colours
Never Stop Being '67
Girl On The Northern Life
Love Bomb
Fire Island
Hole In The Sky



and from Greyhouse' s Dives To The Deep End on Zimba Records,

Johnny's Temple



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On this episode of the Jersey Beat podcast, editor Jim Testa interviews Joe Galarraga from the Brookly band BIG UPS.

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Jersey Beat Podcast #142

Bouncing Souls - Up To Us
The Antidon'ts - Optimistic Loser
The Hannas - The Bend
Free Pizza - Juliet
The Backseat Angels - Pick Up The Phone
P@tomic & The Bomb! - No Time To Waste
GRIM DEEDS - Shot Dead By Police
J.T. Makoviecki - Little Bit of Sunlight
Eleandor Friedberger - Scene From Bensonhurst

Keepin' The Family - Coastline
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Funny The First Time
The Porchistas - Ebolabama
The Harmonica Lewinskies - Flowers Will Bloom
C.R. & The Degenerates - Pink Slippin'
Cool Ghouls - Just Like Me
Evan O'Donnell - Now I Wanna Sound Like Chrissie Hynde
Hit Bargain - The Circuits That Cannot Be Cut
The Maytags - Business Trip
Mikey Erg - Song For New Britain

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The Everymen - Bridge & Tunnel Love
Kandel - Ordinary Time
Mikey Erg - Boys And Girls And Tentative Decisions
Martha - Chekhov's Hangnail
Karyn Kuhl Band - Not LIke That
GRIM DEEDS - I'm Moving To Kepiland
Connections - 4 Kate & Everyone Else
The Queers - Hawaii
The Phantoms - The Ballad Of Overend Watts
The Right Here - Judge Me When I'm Sober

The Cucumbers - Don't Watch TV
The Backseat Angels - Pick Up The Phone
Broom Vs The Combine - Less Than
Active Bird Community - Longport
Lisa Prank - Baby Let Me Write Yr Lines
Tall Juan - Not Enough
Watts - Bring On The Lights
The Vaughns - What's Cooking
Johnny Angel Wendell - New York Dolls

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Our guest is Mikey Erg, former singer/guitarist for The Ergs!, whose debut solo album "Tentative Decisions"will be released in June on Don Giovanni Records.

We talk to Mikey about writing and recording the nealbum, touring, his Ergs legacy, and lots more.  Plus we play the following tunes:

Books About Miles Davis - The Ergs!
Songs Against Ian Raymond - Mikey Erg
Key Of C, Fix It, Fix It, Stop - Mikey Erg
Obligatory Song About Killing One's Boyfriend- The Ergs!
You've Never Heard 'My Aim Is True' - Mikey Erg
Comme Si About Me - Mike Erg(from Tentative Decisions)



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Jersey Beat's Jim Testa interviews Jamie Frey, the lead singer and main songwriter of Brooklyn's

On this episode, you'll hear:

NO ICE - Metropolitan Avenue
The Brooklyn What - Blowin' UP
NO ICE - We Get High Together
NO ICE - The Cemetery
NO ICE - Castlebraid

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Jerset Beat Podcast #137: The Almost 10th Anniversary Episode

We're almost ready to celebrate the JB Podcast's tenth anniversary but first here's an hour of music to keep you busy.  Come back next time for a GREAT interview with an artist that our listeners will know and love.

Diarrhea Planet - Life Pass
Bay Kee - Shady Birds
Evan O'Donnell - Buster On The Granite Highway
Art Brut - The Replacements
Savages - Evil
Doctor Barber- Pictures Of Your Pets
New Age Healers - I Want More
JT Makoviecki - If You Just Hold On, Poor Boy
Diplopia - Adeline
Lloyd & The Impressions - Sunny Day
Petra Haden - Armenia In The Sky
Yo La Tengo - The Summer
Big Figment - Cut Knuckle
The Forty Nineteens - I Walked With A Zombie
The Gotobeds - Real Math/Too Much
The Goo Goo Dolls - Never Take The Place Of Your Man

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Grim Deeds - Child of the Millennium
Adult Books - Casual Wrecks
Bent Shapes - 86'd In '03
Robert Pollard - My Daughter, Yes She Knows
Sink Tapes - J For Jazzy
The Other Stars - You Looked Better At The Party
Karen Haglof - Cowgirl Clothes
Karyn Kuhl - It Was A Very Good YearBitterheart - Someone Told Me
The Bordello - Chocolate, My New Rock N Roll
Diplopia - Hoboken
Mean Jeans - Now I Wanna Be Yr Dog
Ray Rockett - Pet Semetary
The Dudikoffs - Burrito Party
Can't Swim - Way It Was
Fucko - Submarine
ROMP - Departure From Venue
NO ICE - Castlebraid
The Maravines - Tie Retie
Toot Sweet - Dilettante
The Wrens - Pretty OK
Soul Asylum - Supersonic


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On this episode of the Jersey Beat podcast, our friends Jack Fitzimmons (Netflix With Fitz podcast) and Chris Fabulous (Weekend Quality podcast) take over as guest hosts and interview their special guest....  Jim Testa!   They talk about JIm's new EP "American Spirits & Artisanal Cheese" and throw in a good old-fashioned Philly punk playlist for one of our most entertaining episodes in a long time!

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On this episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast, editor and host Jim Testa serves up some new tracks he's been enjoying as well as one golden oldie.

Grim Deeds - My Real Doll
Giant Peach - Fight
Mono In Stereo - Long For Yesterday
Golden Bloom - Books You Never Read
Phonoscenes - Drive
The Maravines - Olive Garden
Sons Of An Illustrious Father - ppm
M. Ward - I'm Going Higher
Bay Kee - Shady Birds
Jim Testa - Here's To The State of NJ
Out of System Transfer - I Shot President McKinley
The Maxies - I'm Punk
Teen Death - Dark Life
The Wrens - Pretty OK
Furnsss - #12 Looks Just Like You
ManDancing - Broken

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Rick Moody, acclaimed author of  Garden State, The Ice Storm, and many other novels and short stories, recently published his latest novel Hotels Of North America. Rick talks about the new novel, his life as a writer, and his passion for music as both a fan of bands like the Feelies and Yo La Tengo, and as a recording artist and performer.

On this episode:
The Feelies - It's Only Life
Wingdale Community Singers - Learned Astronomer
Yo La Tengo - Hearts Expired
Yo La Tengo - The Summer

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On this episode we talk to Lazlo of about why his Internet radio station will be signing off on January 31, and how he plans to continue broadcasting on other platforms to keep BlowupRadio's mission of supporting New Jersey music alive.

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