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Jersey Beat Podcast #3 - "Exile On Grove Street" Jersey Beat visits Jersey City for some of Chilltown's best indie bands.

1. Intro - "Do It Yourself" by the Cucumbers
2. Crushmore - "Save The Fattest Girl For Me"
3. Billionaire Boys Club - "Quittin' Drinkin'"
4. The Black Hollies - "No Need To Be Rude"
5. Rye Coalition - "Burn The Masters"
6. The Milwaukees - "Moonshaker"
7. Spent - "Landscaper"
8. Spent - "Under False Eyelids"
9. Tris McCall - "Mad About Us"
10. Jim Testa - "Carla"
11. LandSpeedRecord - "Visiting Hours"

Remember -- support local bands, buy what you listen to, and read fanzines!

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Jersey Beat Podcast #2 - Music About Music

Jersey Beat Podcast #2 - Music About Music

Songs about collecting records, listening to music, being in bands, closing time, and all the other stuff we music obsessives obsess about.

New music from Ben Krieger, Full Minute of Mercury, The Rudds, and Whiskey & Co., an old favorite from Worm Quartet, and a Jersey Beat timewarp visit with Boss Jim Gettys.

Visit us on the web at and check out Jersey Beat fanzine at



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Jersey Beat Podcast #1

Welcome to the Jersey Beat podcast.  On our first episode, we feature music from Fundamental, Stuyvesant, Billionaire Boys Club, the Impulse!, Augmented, bob fields, Screaming Females, and LandSpeedRecord.  Visit us online at and check our zine at

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