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Michael Faherty - Late Bloomer

Down With Digital - Forward March

Glad Hearts - The Afternoon Passed Like A Summer Cloud

The Gregg Yeti - My Narcoleptic Sara (Woodson Mix)

Red And Blue - What Are We Doing

The Fake Boys - Destroy The Radio

Patent Pending - Cheer Up Emo Kid

Body Of Castle - Double Fish

The Erase-Hers - Rewire

Pots N Pans - Till She Was Dead

The Spears - People Are Bad

M.O.D. - Alphabet City Stomp

Anthrophopbia - Trip Fontaine

John Raido - Bad News

The Stone Coyotes - Party Down The Hall


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A look back at some of the bands that helped create the Hoboken pop scene of the 1980's.



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Jersey Beat Podcast 46: Carlapalooza II The Connie Dungs - Teenage Hate Band


Bridge And Tunnel - Circles to Shreds


Nancy - The World's Worst Financial Planners Agree:


The Fiendz - Dead End

The Festipals - Red Line Soldiers, Mount Up


Basement Black - Apocalypse Broadcast


Short Attention - Toilet Paper


Short Attention - John Locke



The Measure (SA) - Just Go

The Killtakers - Anneliese


The Max Levine Ensemble - The Estranged Journeys of Richard Nixon


Modern Machines - Zero Kid


Hi Ho, Six Shooter! - If Only You Were Lonely

The Age of Rockts - The Day The Whole World Died




The Ergs! - Blue


Dead Mechanical - Information In



Lost Locker Combo - Bake Sale

For Science - Leaving New Brunswick


The Leftovers - Lose Your Head


The Steinways -
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Damfino - Buddy Holly In The 25th Century

Superchunk - Say My Name

The Successful Failures - Bridges Over The Delaware

Kate Hart - New York City

John Taglieri - Leap of Faith



Mod Fun - Hangin' Round

Kohuff - Everything Is Ok So Stop Bitching


Mazeffect - Know A Girl


Grover Kent - Old Man Conroy


Ninja Gun - The Smoking Gun


Whiskey && Co. - Nightlife


Mooney Suzuki - Just Like Jesse James
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Palomar - You're Keeping Us Up

A Study In Her - Photo Club

The Milwaukees - Save Me

Glenn Mercer - Days To Come

Bishop Allen - The Monitor

Ghost Town Trio - This Guitar Makes Frien...

Punkin Pie - I Know Monsters Well

What Happened - Take It All Away

The Prozacs - I'm In Love

Podsafe Music Network Promo

The Steinways - Ice Cream

Dopamines - Pity Party

Nancy - The Fear of Missing Out

Rock,Star - Trading Cards

Static Radio NJ - Last Call


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All aboard for Baltimore!!  Next stop, the second annual Insubordination Fest.   Here is Part Two of our Pre-Fest Podcast, bringing you some of the punk rockers who will be playing this year's Fest. 

Screeching Weasel - Punk Rock Explained


 The Leftovers - Lose Your Head

The Retarded - Got Her In My Brain

Team Stray - The Big Orange

The Apers - Not The Only One

The Unlovables - Please Don't Change

The Ergs - Bike Shoppe

Paper Dragons - Annihilate the Need

Teenage Bottlerocket - Bloodbath At Burger King

The Prozacs - Never Knew

American Riot - My Little Liz

Mr. T Experience - Everybody Knows You're Crying

Sick Sick Birds - The Connects

Vena Cava - Amythest & Roses

For Science - Blackout Blue

The Riptides - Detention

The Cacophonies - A-Sexual Gal

Egghead - Donna's Always Mad At Me

Joe Jitsu - Catastrophe

Chinese Telephones - Better Than The Next

The Riverdales - Break Your Heart

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Short Attention - Don't Start A Band

Ben Weasel - Let Freedom Ring

Copyrights - Headcount

The Guts - Never Quit

The AV Club - Trouble Girls

Nancy - Lying To Ourselves

Dead Mechanical - One Act Play!

The Methadones - I'm The Man

Head - Teacher's Pet

Dear Landlord - Three To The Beach

The Hi-Life - Let's Go To The Hop

The Tattle Tales - So Wanna Kiss You

The Ergs! - Jazz Is Like The New Coke

The Parasites - Crazy

Lemuria - Little Silver Children

The Steinways -

Delay - ...Everything You Hate

Big In Japan - Dig That Stupid Sound

Varsity Weirdos - Fly Me Up To The Moon

Ben Weasel - Addition By Subtraction


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Screeching Weasel - First Day of Summer

Cletus - Pedro Goes To Brooklyn

For Science - Soledad

Dustheads - Jailbird

Potboiler - 56th & Grove

The Sleeparounds - Letting Go

Chris Cubeta & The Liars Club - Better Alone

Olivia Mancini & The Housemates - I Wouldn't Worry

Blake Rainey - 99 Beers

So So Glos - Broken Mirror Baby

The Inevitable Backlash - Sex For Safety

Poingly - Punk You Up

Worm Quartet - I Want To Be Taken Seriously As An Artist 


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The Punsters - Jive In Jersey 

Mod Fun - Nothing Can Be Everything


The Impulse - Pretty Girls


The Hextalls - Ramones T-Shirt

The Mooney Suzuki - 99 Per Cent


The Mooney Suzuki - My Dear Persephone


A Study In Her - Favorite Actor


The Preakness - Demons


Dead Mechanical - Fuzzy Math


Copyrights - Planet Earth Nineteen-Ninety Four 


Screeching Weasel - Johnny Are You Queer


Fairmont - Suspicion Haunts The Guilty Mind


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Ted Leo && the Pharmacists - The Sons Of Cain


J Roddy Walston & The Business - Stop Rip & Roll






The Three 4 Tens - Kill Dr. Strange

The Ergs! - Hey Jealousy


Egghead - Neighborhood Palm Reader


Palomar - Knockout


Dead Mechanical - Information In


The Steinways - Milk Was A Bad Choice


Sick Sick Birds - Gag Order


Tin Armor - The Proclaimers


The Cribs - Mens Needs, Womens Needs, Whatever


Bishop Allen - Rain


The Modern Machines - The Right Girl




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The Black Angels - Bloodhounds On My Trail

Peter Bjorn And John - Lets Call It Off

Illinois - Headphones

The Black Lips - Buried Alive

The Modern Machines - The Right Girl

The Ergs! - Books About Miles Davis

Ben Vaughn - Wrong Haircut

Peter Stampfel && The Bottlecaps - Surfer Angel

The Steinways - Always, Never!

The Unlovables - Jersey Boy

The Speedies - Let Me Take Your Photo

Prozacs - Most Wonderful Thing



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Full Minute of Mercury - Your Own Disaster



Johnie 3 - Hang The DJ


The Creetons - Boredom



Isotopes - Around The Horn

visiting hours outro

Jonathan Coulton - Ikea


The Leftovers - Dance


The Safes - Fairy Tale Tomorrow


Flaming Fire - Satellite


Illinois - Screendoor


Koopa - One Off Song For The Summer


Bright Eyes - Four Winds


Umberto - Yellow Cardigan


Andrew Lipke - Moving Back To Paradise
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The Steinways - Fucking February


The Speedies - Let Me Take Your Photo


Backseat Virgins - Can't Take It


The Leftovers - Wait For Me



The Retarded - High Heels, Short Skirt

Fixer - Dirty Girl

The Rudds - Get The Femuline Hang On


Drew && The Medicinal Pen - A City Was Born

Kate Hart - New York City


The Poster Boys - Just A Friend


The Challenged - We Gratify Ourselves


The Chinese Telephones - Better Than Th...


Delay - Married


The Knockdown - Basements And Houses
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Dr. Frank - John, Paul, George & Ben 

Addie Brownlee - George Bush Ain't The Only Man...

Okkervil River - The President's Dead

Travis Morrison - Get Me Off This Coin (A)

Majestic Twelve - Thank God Everything On TV Is A Lie

Nice Peter - The Bush Song Part 1

Rick Barry - Courage For A Rainy Day

Bright Eyes - When The President Talks To God

Tim Fite - Camouflage

Tris McCall - The New Jersey Department Of Public Works

Kevin Devine - The Burning City Smoke

Loudon Wainwright III - Presidents' Day



Tim Fite - Bacon
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A very special podcast with our guest Dave Parasite, talking about the new Go Kart Records compilation Pop Punk's Not Dead.


Teenage Bottlerocket - So Cool

The Queers - Definitely

Squirtgun - Model Builder

The Peabodys - It Only Hurts When

The Unknown - Seven

Janez Detd - Anti Anthem

The Parasites - Crazy

The Ergs! - Every Romance Language

The Blisters - Fake I.D.

Screeching Weasel - Punk Rock Explained

Cletus - Christine's A Lesbian

Parasites - When I'm Here With You

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Jersey Beat Podcast 33

WWIII - Take Off Your Shirt

J Roddy And The Business - Stop Rip & Roll

Milwaukees - Crown Royal

The Asthmatics - Wired Out

Tin Armor - The Misanthrope


Lemuria - Hours


The Queers - Live This Life


Roadside Graves - Jesus Is A Friend of th...


Addie Brownlee - Gay Marriage Song


Lazlo - Lazlo bumper


Jen Foster - Taking Bob Dylan


Jill Sobule - Bitter


Bishop Allen - Tea For Two


Vampire Weekend - Mansard Roof


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Jersey Beat Podcast 32

The Wrens - Pretty O.K.

LandSpeedRecord - Interoffice Copulation


Trusty - Sugar Smack


Poster Children - Zero Stars


The AV Club - Baltimore


The Damien Pratt - PO Box


Warm In The Wake - Ironworkers


Kitty && The Kowalskis - Depression Over...


The Barbecuties - Touchdown d'amour


Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me



The Prozacs - Let's Go


Delay - ...Everything You Hate


Zolof The RNR Destroyer - Mean Old Coot


Albert Hammond Jr - In Transit


Aviso' Hara - Bradley Wake-up



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Dead Kennedys -  Viva Las Vegas

Bouncing Souls - Punx In Vegas


NoFX - Leaving Jesusland


Cletus - 8 Ways To Hate You


The Guts - Easy Come, Easy Go


The Queers - Monkey In A Suit


The Leftovers - Guessage


The Guts - Crazy (w/ The Leftovers)


The 20 Belows - Down Again


Delay - Photo Album


The Ergs - 1000 Letters

The Four Eyes - I Want To Be Your Dylan McKaye

Paul Westerberg - As Far As I Know

Birdy - High As The Sun

Readymade Breakup - Isn't That What It's For

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On this episode of the Jersey Beat podcast we go from power-pop to heavy metal to pop-punk to indie folk and back again, including a Podcast Exclusive from Readymade Breakup's soon-to-be released CD "Isn't That What It's For?"

Readymade Breakup - Starting To End (JB Podcast Exclusive!)


Johnny Action Figure - Like A Canary


The Blakes - New Tattoo


Aiming for Angels - Getaway Driver


Anthrophobia - Trip Fontaine


ashes.are.nutritious - G.P.D.




The Copyrights - Weapons Of Math Destruction


The BadAmps - Highschool Sweetheart



Weston - Retarded


Career Club - Megan


Ghost of Lester Bangs - Sinking Battleships


Kate Hart - I Kill Bugs


Kevin Devine - Trouble  

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We start out looking forward, previewing several unreleased tracks scheduled to be released in early 2007. Then we catch up with some of our favorite releases from the tail end of 2006.

The Queers - Brian Wilson (JB Podcast Exclusive!)

The Ergs! - It'll Be Okay

Project 27 - Our History

The Milwaukees - Breakup Song

Anthrophobia - Half Annihilated

Ruths Hat - Rock And Or Roll

Wild Carnation - Sitting Under A Tree

Bandcamp - Brightest Dark

Pick An Exit - Shes Sleeping Next To Me

Joseph Ferocious - Share Share Share

Bionic Rhdoa - Chili Dog

The Queers - Houston (We Have A Problem)

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