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The Cucumbers - Do It Yourself
Dentist - Let Me Let Go
Last Minet - Don't Hold Back
Lastwaves - Stroke of Luck
Lost In Society - Say Anything
NO ICE - Frequency
Bathroom Of The Future - Watching Bill & Ted Outside
Geoff Palmer - Many More Drugs
Clowns - Does It Matter?
French Girls - Summertime
Beatnik Termites - Pet Shop Girl
American Television - American Jesus
Chelsea Curve - All In Time
Danny Laj & The Works - You & Me
Hard Nips - Alternative Dreamland
Irmans - I Wanna See You
Middle-Aged Queers - Size Queen
Talk Show Host - Warmest Condolences
Tim Foljahn - I Can't Decide
Virginity - Nosferattitude (The Vampire Song)
The Peppermint Sticks - Hey Fanzine!

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