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Rockstar Racecar - Rock N Roll In America
Capitalist Kids - Real Americans
The Credentials - I Killed 22 Iraquis And All I Got Was This Lousy Engineering Degree
The Mr. T Experience - God Bless America
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Drink American
The Stigmatics - American Dream
The Steve Adamyk Band - I Fought For The USA
Rick Barry - Stupid American Song
Cathedral Ceilings - Hamilton Circuits
The '94 Knicks - People You Know And People You May Not Know
Jack Skuller - Anyhow
LCARS - A Song For The Cicadas Of Brood X, 2021 (To You, In 17 Years)
Emergencies - Hurt Somebody
sonofdov - Reviver
aBIRD - Nothing Like Us
Disaster Party - Beige Turns Black
Turnpike Gates - City In Heat
Izzy True - New Fruit
Raincrowd - Can't We All Just Get Along
Nihilocerous - Iamananimal
Acid Tongue - Rock N Roll Revelations

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