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Editor Jim Testa interviews Ira Robbins on his new book Music In A Word, a combination anthology and memoir about his life and career as a music journalist.

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Mike Chick - "Pine Lake Park"
Keith Kenny - "Move Along"
Little Hag - "Walk Of Shame"
Darrin Bradbury - "Deanna, Deanna"
Ruby Bones - "Tired Eyes"
Oliver Ignatius - "Debris"
Devon Kay & The Solutions - "Liver"
Brad Marino - "Even The Score"
Hayley & The Crushers - "Kiss Me So I Can"
Hadda Be - Apathy
The Planes - Decoder Ring
Proper Nouns - Situation Done
Direct Hit! - Hollow Comfort
Hey Baby! - Walking Home
Prima Donna - He's A Rebel
IV - "WTW"
Hit Like A Girl - "Boardwalk"
Andy Bilinski - "Do What You Want"
The Shang Hi Los - "Stay"



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