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The enigmatic pop punk rocker Grim Deeds is our guest on this episode of the podcast.


King Of Queers
Being Fat Mike
Weasel Acres
Ballad Of The Opening Band
We're All A Little Racist
I Don't Care About Your Kids
I'm An Atheist

All of Grim Deeds' music is available for free download at

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Teenage Bottlerocket - Bloodbath At Burger King

The Connection - Labor of Love

Kurt Baker - Send Me To Mars

Shellshag - Baby's Arms

Tin Armor - Strange & Estranging

The Unlovables -Miracle Braves

Mono In Stereo - Late Night Confessor

Fiction Plane - Where Do We Go From Here?

Ezra Furman - Wobbly

Laura Stevenson - Torch Song

Spiders - Why Don't You?

Chris Stamey - Universe Sized Arms

The dB's - Before We Were Born

Bitterheart - I Can't Stop

Teenage Bottlerocket - Radio

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